Commission Drill Review -Laser Targeted YouTube Ad Traffic !

Commission Drill Review 



Hey Guys,


If you’re still struggling to make your first money online then it’s not your mistake…

There are tons of WSOs released everyday that talks about CPA,affiliate marketing, traffic, lists – but almost all the time they are incomplete or leave a critical info behind…

Today, I got my hands on Commission Drill and honestly it’s one of the best, result-driven and action oriented course. I have seen in a long time… Inside Ram shows exactly how he build a list of 2,642 hungry subscribers at 9c-15c each while making $4,865.14 commissions in his very first 50 days.

This is on a special launch discount and price goes up with every.

The best part is – you don’t even need to invest anything to get started, he tells you how to get $75 in FREE advertising credits instantly.

I highly RECOMMEND this. The price may go up again while you finish reading this mail.



  • Vendor : Ivana Bosnjak et al
  • Product : Commission Drill
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-18
  • Front-End Price : $13
  • Sale Page Preview : click here
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : SEO & Traffic


So What is Commission Drill ?

Commission Drill is a short ‘Step-by-Step’ PDF + Video Training’ where you literally watch over my shoulders and copy your way to your first high converting YouTube ad, which generates and sends super targeted traffic to ‘can’t fail’ CPA and ClickBank offers, to make you instant cash.

Anyone in CPA and affiliate marketing, from complete wet-behind-the-ears newbie to established successful marketers, will find this essential viewing.

Feature Details

How to get approved by ANY CPA network (I give you the exact answers you need to give to their questions)

You’ll never again feel intimidated because you’re a ‘newbie’. Now you’ll be on the same level playing field with top marketers


How to select CPA offers that convert not just now, but are long term ‘evergreen’ offers

Who wants to put in extra hours of work for the same money? Let me show you offers that gain you commissions, month in, month out with no extra work….so you can spend your time on things you WANT to do


How to create your first YouTube ad campaign for absolutely FREE.

I get it. You’re sick of spending money on tactics that don’t work, and you don’t want to lose more money. So try my simple tactics for free with absolutely no financial risk!


How to easily create a ClickBank account and find offers with unbelievable conversions

Again, I’ll show you how to find products that are evergreen. In other words, a true ‘set and forget’ autopilot machine, so you can spend time with your loved ones, not glued to a laptop screen.

The easy way to create a YouTube ad account – so simple, even a child can master this

Who wants to spend time learning technical jargon? Not me, and I bet, not you. I’ll show you how to be and running in 10 minutes.


How to create a YouTube Ads Empire – 2 simple, fast and powerful ways to making money from YouTube Ads

You don’t need to waste time learning everything there is to know about YouTube. I’ll show you the only 2 routes you’ll ever need on YouTube.


How to target specific YouTube viewers

This is the ‘secret sauce.’ You can only have crazy-high conversions when you are able to laser target the exact audience who would love your offers. Let me show you how, so you’ll never waste a cent on traffic that doesn’t want to buy.


How to create a high converting funnel, including a landing page, thank you page and integration with autoresponder

Yes, you don’t have to do any of this as you can make lucrative commissions without building a list….but for those who really want to ramp up their earnings (and live that ‘IM Lifestyle,’ this is for you!


How to ‘marry up’ the most profitable offer with each YouTube video ad to explode profits

You no longer have to fear spending money on traffic and sending them to the ‘wrong’ offer. Use my technique, and get it right, every single time. No money wasted.No time wasted.


Watch over my shoulder and simply copy and paste how to set up your first high converting ad campaign

This isn’t a dreary, never-ending course packed full of theory.You will see me create a campaign in real time, send the traffic to my chosen offers, and watch the cash roll in. Copy……paste…….rinse……repeat!




How to use other people’s YouTube video and turn them into your own Ad video……legally!

Yup, you can take somebody else’s hard work and use it to create affiliate commissions…….in other words, zero work for you.


Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • No Experience Required
  • No Product Creation
  • See Results In Less Than 24 hours
  • Highly Repeatable and Scalable
  • Works For ANY Niche Step-by-Step Blueprint

Cons :

  • Your computer will very hot

User Experinence

view positive feedback from user

I love courses that provide proven techniques.


That’s what you have here with Commission Drill.


It shows you a killer method of getting cheap traffic using YouTube Ads, & sending this traffic to absolutely crush your affiliate & CPA campaigns.


This is so simple, it’s got to be cheating.


However, it’s not. It’s just brilliant.


Pick up your copy today of Commission Drill, & add this creative income method to your business arsenal. You’re going to love it.


I guarantee it. Do this NOW. Don’t delay on this one. Two thumbs up. – George


I got my hands on Commission Drill and honestly it’s one of the best, result-driven and action oriented course I have seen in a long time. Even if you have limited technical skills, the video modules will explain everything in a quick and concise way, what to do and how to do it. I actually implemented these strategies and guess what.


I was able to generate $87 in revenue with less than $10 spent.  And this was in health niche. Highly scalable and repeatable. Marina Z.


Price and Evaluation

Today, when you secure your copy of Commission Drill, you’ll get a Total Value of $391 For ONLY … [$12.65]

Commission Drill has 1 Fromt-End and 3 OTOs

FE : Commission Drill -$13

OTO 1 : Commission Drill DFY Campaigns – $27

OTO 2 : Advanced – Turning Penny Clicks into sales – $77

OTO 3 : Commission Drill – Domination – $37

Thanks for reading. Good Luck !

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Easy Ad Wizard Review – Instantly Monetize Any Site in Seconds !

Easy Ad Wizard Review 



I’m excited today to give you the heads-up on a cool New Year Special from my friend Noel on an awesome piece of software that every website owner can use to get better results from their sites.

It’s called Easy Ad Wizard and it allows anyone, no matter how little experience, to create amazing looking Website Banner Ads to with just a few clicks of their mouse.

Now usually when you get these kind of ads created you would either have to hire an Expensive Designer or go through the Long Learning Curve of a software like Photoshop.

But Noel’s software solves both of these issues instantly because it comes right out of the box with :

– 30 Done for Your Ad Templates
– Hundreds of Built-In Graphics
– 6 Different Ad Sizes
– 5 Different Ad Designs
– Instant Preview Technology
– Drag & Drop Easy Design Canvas

Plus a whole lot more easy to use features that will have you monetizing all your websites with these Incredible Looking Ads in just a few seconds.

For example you could use Easy Ad Wizard to create ads to…
– Promote Your Own Products
– Build a Bigger Email List
– Promote Affiliate Products
– Grow Your Social Media Following
– Link to Amazon Products
– Create Affiliate Banners

Imagine it only taking a few seconds to design great looking banner ads to promote whatever you like with?

And because it comes with 30 Ready Made Ad Templates you never have to create your own designs if you don’t want to. Simply choose a template, edit with your details and you are done!

Want to know the best thing about it? Ok right now !


  • Vendor : Noel Cunningham 
  • Product : Easy Ad Wizard 
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-16
  • Front-End Price : $20
  • Sale Page : Click here
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software


So What Is Easy Ad Wizard ?

Easy Ad Wizard is a 100% Online Software App for Creating Amazing, Professional Quality Website Banner Ads in a Flash.

It is Delivered through a Private Members Area and because it’s 100% Online you can Access it from Any Computer, from Any Location, whenever you want. And because it’s a 100% Online Software is Compatible with both Mac & PC.

Each template can be fully customized and is “Point & Click” Simple making it easy for everyone to create pro quality Ads with just a few clicks of their mouse.

Feature Details 

Super Easy to Use

Simply open up the app, select a Pre-Made Ad Template and you can have an awesome looking website ad in seconds

30 Ready Made Templates Included

If you don’t have time to create an ad from scratch you can choose from one of the 30 Ready Made Templates and customize it to your liking with just a few clicks.

100’s of Custom Graphics to Choose From

We have literally hundreds of in-built graphics in the app so you will never be short of graphics to use in your ads.
And you can also Upload Your Own Graphics to use in the software.

Unlimited Text Layers

Easily add text layers, change fonts and text size with our easy to use Text Editor.


Add a variety of custom shapes to your ads to make them stand out more and get more attention. All shapes can be fully resized and edited to match your design perfectly.

Complete Color Control

Use the color picker to change the color of your Text, Backgrounds, Layers and Shapes so you get the perfect design.

Background Patterns

Give your ads some depth by using one of the many background patterns included in the software

Light & Shade Effects

Choose from 3 Different Lighting Effects to give an extra dimension to your banner ads.


These tabs allow you to send your images forward and backward through the different layers of your design.

Preview Your Designs

With one click you can preview your ads to see how they look in real-time before downloading the finished graphic.

Saving and Loading Your Projects

You can Save & Load your Project Files so you can come back and edit your ads later on or make quick updates.

Unlimited Undo / Redo History

Easily undo any mistakes with one click using the unlimited undo/redo feature.

Customize Your Canvas Area

You can easily customize the size of your Canvas Area to fit whatever needs you have. Perfect for if you need to create a custom ad using a different size than those included in the Ready Made Templates.

How to use it ?

Let Watch Video to know how to use it very simple

So Why Should You Be Using Easy Ad Wizard?

Every Website online has one thing in common – they all have Advertising Banners! And with Easy Ad Wizard you have the most Powerful, Easy to Use Software for Creating Amazing Looking Ads in Seconds that will help you Maximize your Earnings and make your site Look Great, all at the same time!

  • Super Easy to Use Software
  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • In-Built Graphics Library
  • 30 Ready Made Templates

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Hundreds of Graphics
  • 6 Different Ad Sizes
  • 5 Different Ad Designs
  • 30 Ready Made Templates
  • Free Ad Optimizer Plugin
  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Quality Customer Support

Cons :

  • I don’t find cons any

My Experience 

Unless you are a gifted designer with years of experience it can be a very long, frustrating and expensive journey when you begin to get all these different ads created for your sites. Because you’re not just gonna want one set of ads, you’ll need many different variations so you can change them up every so often and keep your site looking fresh and your Click-Through Rates high.

Lucky for me it all changed when I decided instead of wasting money on designers who never really captured what I wanted them to create or all the lost time I spent trying to master Photoshop I decided I needed to invest in something that would take care of all these problems for me in one swoop.

I have many different sites and each one promotes my other products with Ads I created with Easy Ad Wizard and as you can see it pays off. By having these Ads on my sites I can catch visitors attention and direct them towards my other products.

Price and Evaluation 

As you already know this product is only $ 20 and you have 30 days to refund this product.

Easy Ad Wizard has 1 FE and 3 Upsell

Front-End : $20

Upsell 1 : $30

Upsell 2 : $37

Upsell 3 : $67

GoodLuck !


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WP Conversion Monitor Review – Create an Unlimited Number of Shortened, Cloaked !

WP Conversion Monitor Review 



Do you track your conversions? No? Don’t feel bad, usually conversion tracking is something that only the most successful marketers do. Unfortunately, if you don’t track your links you might as well be target practicing in the dark. Unless you know which of your traffic sources convert into sales and opt ins and which don’t, you have no idea where to concentrate your efforts to increase your results. If you have ever priced any of the popular pro tracking services, then you know why this happens.

Tracking your conversions with a service can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month if you have a lot of links. But what if I told you you could have the same power to cloak and track your links, for just a tiny one time investment? WoW ! Sound interesting?

For a few days you can save more than 50% and get a free Developers License upgrade when you purchase WP Conversion Monitor.


  • Vendor : Stephen Brown
  • Product : WP Conversion Monitor
  • Launch Time : 09:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-15
  • Front-End Price : $7-$17
  • Sale page : Clickhere
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software


What is WP Conversion Monitor ?

WP Conversion Monitor is a new WordPress plugin that will let you create an unlimited number of shortened, cloaked, and customized links right inside your WP admin. Once a link has been created you can use the plugin to track up to two different conversions for each link. That means you can for instance track conversions on a squeeze page and the thank you page OTO as well.

Feature Details 

[+] The plugin is super easy to set up and use making WP Conversion Monitor a real alternative to those expensive link tracking services used by the pros.

[+] Install On An Unlimited Number Of Your Own Domains

[+] Install On An Unlimited Number Of Client Domains

[+] Install On Domains You Sell Or Flip

[+] Charge Clients An Installation Fee

[+] Charge Clients Monthly “Rent” For Using The Plugin

[+] And much more

Pros and Cons

Pros : 

  • No Monthly Fees
  • check No Complicated Or Confusing Admin Dashboard
  • check No Limits On The Number Of Links You Can Track
  • check No More Lost Commisions Because Of Link Tampering
  • check No Need To Master Any Technical Skills

Cons :

  • Unless you have a way to filter or track each traffic source you only see the end result.

User Experience 

During the limited launch promotion you can save over 50% on this must have tool plus get a free Developers upgrade worth $27! The plugin is super easy to use so you can start tracking links and increasing your profits right away. This is the perfect time to reliably start tracking and cloaking your links.  In marketing, things do not always work out like you might think they would.

You Get Everything For A Small One Time Investment

[+] Install On An Unlimited Number Of Your Own Domains

[+] Install On An Unlimited Number Of Client Domains

[+] Install On Domains You Sell Or Flip

[+] Charge Clients An Installation Fee

[+] Charge Clients Monthly “Rent” For Using The Plugin

Price and Evaluation 

Don’t miss your chance to grab a must have marketing tool for only $7, Order it now

Front-End : $7-$17

OTO 1 : $17-$27 –> Down sell $9-$19

OTO 2 : $27-$37 –> $17


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Marketer’s Vault Review – Training, Software and Resources !

Marketer’s vault Review 


Marketer’s Vault Review – Introduction

If you’re seeing this page right now, you’re one of the lucky ones, because that means this marketing toolkit is still available.

In other words – you’re one of the 200 who can take advantage of my “Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit” worth $1,561, that I’m going to send straight to your inbox instantly, at 99% off.

Why only two hundred people? Well, I’m all for giving back to my fellow Entrepreneurs who want to creating a thriving online business, but I couldn’t continue doing this (without going belly-up).

In fact, when I announced this promotion to my staff, one of my team members blurted out, “you’re an idiot!”

Well, it looks like my idiocy is your gain.

But, there is a method behind my madness. Even though I’ll be losing a crazy amount of money in the short term with this special, I’ll hopefully be gaining so much more value in the long run when you become another one of our “success stories”.

In a minute, I’ll fill you in on exactly what I mean by that…

First, let me tell you what you’re going to get right now when you decide to take advantage of this never-before-seen life-changing giveaway.


  • Vendor : Mark Thompson
  • Product : Marketer’s Vault 
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-15
  • Front-End Price : $15
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : General


About the Author


Mark Thompson, co-founder of Digital Kickstart, a well-known digital publishing company has put together the ultimate “grab bag” for digital Entrepreneurs.

Typically Mark sells each part of this bundle (in total over $1000+), but for a short time, he slashed the price and applied a 99% discount for the entire suite (crazy right?!).

So What’s it ?

The Marketer’s Vault is a complete quick-start kit including Training, Software and Resources; starting as a Free + Shipping offer where we shipped to each customers doorstep…

– The Research Machine: How to Find Buyer-Hungry Niches FULL of Raving Fans Who Are DYING to Give You Their Money ($297.00 value)
– The Profit Machine: The FAST, FULL-PROOF Steps to Creating and Profiting From Digital Products Within a Week ($297.00 value)
– The Launch Code: The Exact Step-By-Step Behind-The-Scenes Formula For The Web’s BIGGEST And Most PROFITABLE Launches EVER ($197.00 value)
– Plus we added a bunch of other digital bonuses that they received instantly…

– The Funnel Code (BONUS): The Three SECRET Copy/Past Funnels That Work for ANY Niche or Product. ($197.00 value)
– 30-Days Free of PayKickstart (BONUS): Hit The Ground Running With The Most Powerful Shopping Cart & Affiliate Management Solution in The World. ($197.00 value)
– FunnelSpy Access (BONUS): The Ultimate UNFAIR Advantage to Ethically SPYING on Websites by “Reverse Engineering” The Most Profitable Funnels…With The Click of a Button. ($177.00 value)
– Funnel X-Ray Roundup (BONUS): A Detailed Behind-The-Scenes Walkthrough of All of Our Best-Performing Launch Funnels. ($197.00 value)

Feature Details

– The #1 type of niche you should never EVER choose to join (even if you see others getting great results from it …unless you want to fail horribly).
– How to pick the right “sandbox” to play in.
– How to avoid the number one way millions of businesses die right out of the gate.
– Why copying the tactics of FBI profilers is the secret to finding the perfect audience.
– How to recognize market changes BEFORE they happen (people will think you have a crystal ball).
– How to beat all of your competitors to market by meeting audience demands FIRST (they’ll be standing on the sidelines wondering how the heck you “one-upped” them).
– How to feed a crowd what they’re already desperately starving for but don’t know yet how to feed the hunger… You Will Show Them! 😉
– How to drop-in and spy on your competitors like a ninja in the night.
– How to cut through the noise (no more getting overwhelmed by all the data – know what to research and why, keeping it simple and streamlined).
– The crazy simple FIVE SECOND TRICK to determining if your audience is large enough to be profitable
– The “magic number” of search results… Yes, there is a threshold to be cautious of
– The PERFECT NUMBER of competitors every successful niche should have (and why having MORE or LESS could absolutely CRIPPLE your business).
– Advanced Google Trends research techniques you have NEVER heard of before, and that will reveal whether or not your niche will be profitable 3-5 years down the road.

Who Should Use It ?

This toolkit for a wish to learn to đào tạo, software and resource. It would be best for the newbie because they have no basic knowledge.

My Experience 

Included are the digital versions of his 3 hard-cover books – The Research Machine, The Profit Machine, The Launch Code – the popular FunnelSpy intelligence desktop app, the digital files to his Funnel X-Ray Roundup and probably best of all a 30-day full access account to PayKickstart, their brand new payment and affiliate management platform.

Price and Evaluation 

This package contains $1,561.00 worth of value – Mark and is team have auto-applied a 99% discount. This is your final opportunity to grab one of the last remaining packages. Go here and request your copy now (before they are gone).

Marketer’s Vault has

FE : Marketer’s Vault – $15

OTO 1 : Provely Ultimate Version – $97 one time

Upsell 2 : Provely Agency Version – $17/month or $27/month

Upsell 3 : Launch Madness – $397 one time

Evergreen : Paykickstart – $27/month or $99/month or $149/month



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BLOOOM Review – Grow Your Authority & Profits Daily !

Blooom Review 


Blooom Review – Introduction 

You’re About to Discover. The 2 Secret Tweaks That Make it Super – Easy for Anyone to Make Money Online by this time Tomorrow.

If you’re tired of the B’S the Loopholes and complicated software. Then maybe it’s time to build a real business instead, with BLOOOM. An Evergreen Business that makes you passive income month after month after month for years and years.

BLOOOM lets you build out authority blogs in any niche you choose, each piece of content you add is monetized passively and it’s quick because of this. The BLOOOM App Extracts unique content from within any YouTube video (containing speech). What I mean is whatever is being spoken in a video you can extract and turn into a post and it’s nearly always unique as Google don’t index it. This means you can produce almost instant unique posts in minutes.

Blooom Review – Overview 

  • Vendor : Mark Bishop et al 
  • Product : B L O O O M
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-15
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software 


What’s Blooom ?

BLOOOM is designed for anyone who doesn’t have a PHD in computer science, & can’t get to grips with even more complicated software.
It’s for you if you simply want to build something uncomplicated which grows… and makes you more and more as it does.
It’s for you if you’re sick and tired of buying loophole after loophole only to find they stop working the minute you start.

Feature Details 

[+] 60-seconds to Finish! Convert any YouTube video into your very own unique blog post… all in less than 60 seconds FLAT!

[+] Trigger Keyword Linking… You can even use our “commission attracting” Link specific keywords throughout the blog. Add any words you want to trigger an affiliate link in global settings to show throughout your blog.

[+] Call-To-Action to sell ANY product or service you want! Quickly add a Call-To-Action right at the end of your post

[+] Word Count Details…Knowing your Word Count as well as the reading time will quickly help you ensure that your targeted post is not too long nor too small for your readers and perfect for SEO purposes.

[+] Content Spinning Is Built In… You probably won’t need to spin it, as the content extracted is almost always unique… But if you do, you can do it all inside BLOOOM with 1 click.

[+] Categorize ‘Em… That’s right. BLOOOM will help to arrange your posts into categories right from the BLOOOM dashboard.

[+] Automatic Post Tags… BLOOOM will fetch video tags from the video you extract content from. It then adds them to your post tags automatically, which helps your posts get indexed higher on search engines (you can also edit tags)

[+] Images… The video’s YouTube thumbnail is automatically added to your new Blog post by default… But you can change it with a click. Choose from stacks of Free to use images, replace it with your Youzign graphics. YES – we integrate with Youzign. Replace with DropMock (also Integrated)

[+] Complete instructions and tutorials on how to quickly setup and use the WordPress Plugin.

How to use it ?

Very Easy with 3 steps

Step 1 : 


Extract unique content from within any YouTube video (containing speech).

Extraction includes thumbnail and all ranking tags.

Spin or Edit (optional)… edit as much as you like or uses as is. Click ‘Publish’… you now have a completely unique post.

Content extraction takes 30-60 seconds depending on the length of the video…
From initial extraction to publish takes 60 seconds to 20 minutes depending on how much editing you choose to do.
Step 2 : 


Insert Ad Script to increase revenue… Script doubles ad space for increased revenue (Script Included). Then insert Ad code in specific locations.

Profit passively as you build your authority… All steps: Newbie Friendly (Complete video training included)

Step 3 :


$5 Traffic (optional)
Supercharge each post with huge amounts of dirt cheap traffic to maximise revenue.

This method will generate traffic and income almost instantly.

Apply the traffic method and you should start to see daily profit within 24 hours or less.

Watch Video Demo 

Pros and Cons

Pros : 

  • 100% Newbie Friendly 3 Step Process [training Included]
  • Do this… & Make Money This Week and Every Week
  • Newbie Friendly, Evergreen & Passive
  • 60 Seconds to 30 Minutes Per Day
  • Set-Up: 3 Steps, $5 . . And 30 Minutes
  • 30 Days Refund

Cons : 

  • You can not stop money go on your wallet

User Experience 

Designed for people who hate complicated software and long winded methods. Do this & Make Money This Week and Every Week.

Well that’s the crux of it but here’s the thing, this plugin (App) does what it says on the tin, it’s very fast and it works a treat. The content it extracts is nearly always unique. Perhaps you will chop the paragraph and give a draft. And because the content is passively monetized the more content you add, the more you can make.

See the results I gained after using this software !



Solution: BLOOOM skips this whole process and in less than 60 seconds and 3 clicks (per post) you can now extract high-authority unique content from inside YouTube videos.

Price and Evaluation 

Nothing is better than BLOOOM for only $ 27, too cheap software is very hot with many outstanding features. As always, Hot products will rise price sharply and you can order in advance and order more products at once.

BLOOOM has 1 FE and 4 OTOs

FE : BLOOOM – $27

Two options for the request of the user. 1 website and 10 websites. Includes the full featured BLOOOM Plugin (includes Plug-in Guide) & BLOOOM Video Make Money Modes Make Money (Step by Step Make Money).

OTO 1 : Pro Plugin –  $37 rising to $77

Pro version of the plugin (includes all relevant training videos for the Pro version of the plugin).

Additional features include:
Content planning / Creating a post – Automating the creation of content / income will be done for free (Fully automatic), scheduled scheduling. Instant traffic through syndication (Buffer integration) for social media delivery … (posts are shared according to the publication schedule).

Error creating too large a post by combining multiple videos with the Tray feature
Use PRO on unlimited sites
Một thời gian được đặt thành chạy để chạy tất cả autopilot

DFY Niches
3x DFY Target Niches includes … Plug & Play articles.
3 case studies show (real statistics, niches, advertisements, articles) BLOOOM earn video training module Make Money (Step by Step).

OTO 2 : Blooom Setup – $67 or $27/month recurring

For those who really don’t want to do anything we’ve included a full set up and management service. We’ll set everything up, we’ll schedule posts and syndication… we even host it for them.

This is truly a hands off option… user chooses a niche and domain – we do the rest.Pricing: Initial set up cost will be $67 (50% commission)Pricing: Recurring monthly cost will be $27 (30% commission)

OTO 3 : Developer Edition – $27 rising to $47

Flip Sites for Big Money with plugin attached. Video training shows how to flip sites for 4 or 5 figures.Includes: Listing templates

Plus: Developer / Agency which allows sites to be sold with plugin installed. Plus: Enables / allows user to build / run / develop adsense sites for customers with plugin installed.

OTO 4 : Agency / Reseller – $77 rising to $187 /  $67 rising to $157

Sell BLOOOM (2 Options).

Thanks for reading !


You have an opportunity to receive my Special Bonus, If you finish 2 steps bellow

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step 2 : Contact or contact my facebook here

You’ll receive my Special Bonus within 24 hour

Graphic Azura Vol 2 Review – Earn Up to $101 Per Sale !

Graphic Azura Vol 2 Review 

graphic azura


Hi Guys,
We all know if video its the most powerful way to grab your audience. But of course making an interesting video to to grab audience it’s not easy. You will need design skill , time , research , and of course you will spent a lot of buck (If you here some designer). But what if today we have a better solutions for you?

Today we will show you how to crate video marketing in minutes only with powerpoint Software. Let me introduce you ” Graphic Azura ” This is all in one your marketing design needed to increase your conversion.


  • Vendor : Anugerah Syaifullah 
  • Product : Graphic Azura Vol 2 
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-14
  • Front-End Price : $17-$110
  • Refund : 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Video 


What’s it ?

This Is Done For You Professionally Completed And New 2018 Style Of Cinematic, Dynamic, Business Video Marketing Power Point Templates, Instagram Promo Templates And Many More Asset For Your Video Marketing Need.

5 Reason Why Your Business Should Use Video Marketing

” Video Shows Great ROI ”
The Most Recent Statistics Show That Video Content Isn’t Just Effective The Demand For It Is Growing At An Impressively Rapid Pace.

” Google Loves Videos ”
Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site..

” Video Appeals to Mobile Users ”
Video and mobile go hand in hand. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. From Q3 of 2013, mobile video views have grown more than 233 percent.

” Video Marketing Can Explain Everything ”
Launching a new product or a service? Create a video to show how it works. 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service..

” Video Boosts Conversions and Sales ”
Almost 50% of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store..

But, Let’s me Ask You 3 Simple Questions ?

How Much Money You Spent To Make Some Good Video Marketing To Increase Your Business ?

How long The Time You Need To Create One Video ?

What Capabilities You Should Have? ​
(if you want to create by your self)

We Can Hire An Expensive Graphic Designer. But You will Wait Several Dyas Just To Get The First Draft

But Do You Know, How much you have to pay for 1 unit product COMMERCIALLY?

What If Today We Have A BETTER And More EFFECTIVE Solution..?

Feature Details 

[+] 60 New 2018 Style Power Point Video Templates
[+] 20 Business Slide Power Point Video Templates
[+] 40 Instagram Promo Power Point Templates
[+] 40 Openers Power Point Templates
[+] 50 Flyer Templates
[+] 1000 + Stock Image And Footage
[+] And More Extra Module Inside

How does it work ?

” All You Need Just 3 Simple Step “

Step 1: Choose Your Template

step 1 graphics

Inside Graphic Azura Vol 2 You will receive more then 100 Plus Promotions Video templates in many niche

Step 2: Edit as You Wish

step 2 graphics

100% FULLY Edited in Powerpoint, No After Effects, No Adobe Premiere and No Additional Plugin Required

Step 3: Export to Video In Minutes

step 3 graphics

Once you finished editing everything then you can export your work to full high definition video file.

” Compatible With “


 What You Will Get Inside The Package !

 2018 New Amazing Video Templates In Many Style 

” Horror Trailer Movie Templates ”                                                ” Car Promotions Call – Out Video Templates ”

” Cinematic Life Story Video Templates ”                                      ” Dynamic Full Layer Slide Show Video Templates ”

” Travel Promotions Video Templates ”                                          ” Watercolor Story Elegant Video Templates ”

” Dynamic Slide Show Video Templates ”                                       ” Business Timeline Stories ”

” Music Event Promotion Video Templates ”                                  ” Ice Sport Promotion Video Templates ”

” Call – Out Real Estate Promotions Video Templates ”                ” Movie Trailer Video Templates ”

” Cinematic Transition Fast Slide Show Video Templates ”

” Modern Event Promotions Slide Show Video Templates ”       ” Sport Team Profile Video Templates ”

” DJ Cinematic Promotional Video Templates ”                              ” Cinematic Travel Promotions Video Templates ”

” Typography Slideshow Video Templates ”                                      ” House Of Thriller Video Template ”

” Call – Out Restaurant Promotion Video Templates ”

16 New Instagram Promotions Video Templates 

” Jewelry Promo Video Templates ”                                     ” Home Shopping Promo Video Templates ”

” Furniture Promo Video Templates ”                                 ” Electric Promo Video Templates ”

” Bread Store Promo Video Templates ”                              ” Cake Promo Video Templates ”

” Skincare Promo Video Templates ”                                    ” Coffee Shop Promo Video Templates ”

” Clothing Store Promo Video Templates ”                          ” Bag Store Promo Video Templates ”

” Clothing Store Promo Video Templates ”                           ” Beauty Product Promo Video Templates ”

” Cars Dealers Promo Video Templates ”                              ” Camera Store Promo Video Templates ”

” Shoe Store Promo Video Templates ”                                  ” Fitness Promo Video Templates ”

YouTube End Video Power Point Templates 

( Including 10 templates )

To Make You More Impressed. We Already Add MORE EXTRA MODULE – For Our Lovely Friends 🙂

Business Slide Power Point Templates

Printable Flyer Design Photoshop Templates

 Ready To Use Logo Opener Power Point Video Templates 

Extra 50 Drone Footage Assets

Extra 100 + FREE Royalty Music Resource


Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Many templates
  • Powerful operation
  • Friendly to Newbie
  • 14 Days Refund

Cons :

  • Too many Templates make it hard to choose

Price and Evaluation

Don’t Worry About it Because Today… You Can Take BIG Adventage of Our Discounted Price, Get ALL These Templates in A Bundle + ALL The Bonuses. Yes, for just a few bucks you can grab your hands on this miraculous goldmine of the most premium and trendy marketing graphics not available anywhere else! – That’s a crazy bargain!

But you must HURRY… It’s Limited Time!! The price is rise on every sale happened, take a chance to get the BEST – LOWEST price as you can!

Graphic Azura Vol 2 has

Main : $17-$27

Platinum : $34 –> Lite : $21

Bundle Vol 1 : $57


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Traffic Xtractor 2 Review – Why Should You Buy It ?

Traffic Xtractor 2 Review 



Do you know? Make friends with Google and YouTube can earn money?

As you probably already know, paid traffic can quickly cost you a small fortune. And free traffic usually isn’t so free. Your time has a value and if you’re spending hours on end to get traffic flowing, it’s probably not worth it in most cases. Especially since most “free” traffic is based on loopholes that eventually peeter out pretty quickly if you’re not continually putting work into it.

Brought to you by Art Flair, Alex Krulik and Declan Mc! The front end product, Traffic Xtractor 2.0 is something that your subscribers will thank you for recommending to them, as they will be able to use our software to find keywords that they can rank for on Page 1 of both Google and YouTube easily without any backlinks and start generating traffic instantly. We are also including a Real Life Case Study! If you are looking for a piece of software which will generate traffic in any niche, together with a video course, then this is a perfect fit for your subscribers.

Hey ! Follow me !


  • Vendor : Art Flair et al
  • Product : Traffic Xtractor 2.0
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST 
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-14
  • Front-End Price : $27-$37
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software 


What is Traffic Xtractor 2.0 ?

Traffic Xtractor 2.0 is software to get traffic to your web site. By putting your content right to the Top 1 of Google and YouTube These are the two largest traffic sources in the world Enough to sell all billions not worried about lack of customers.

In addition to the top 1 Google and YouTube, Traffic Xtractor 2 has many new features and high utility will be introduced right below.

Feature Details 

New Features:
[+] Google suggest keywords
[+] Google related keywords
[+] Bing suggest keyword
[+] Bing related keywords


  • Quickly find profitable keywords with little to NO competition that you can quickly rank for and get traffic fast
  • Save countless hours when compared to trying to find this “money keywords” manually
  • Find multiple keywords at once with the click of your mouse
  • Get high-quality traffic that actually converts within MINUTES

How to use it ?

  • Install to your computer
  • Account registration
  • Created simple videos that were basic, ugly, and short

Watch Video Demo Below 

Who Should Use It ?

  • Affiliate marketers looking for more traffic that converts
  • Product owners
  • Ecommerce site owners
  • Service providers
  • Even offline business owners can use this to get hordes of quality traffic that makes money fast!

What Traffic Xtractor 2 has ?

‘Over The Shoulder’ Video Training


This video training shows you EXACTLY how to get the most out of the Traffic Xtractor 2.0 software and make as much money as possible.

“4 Part Real Life Case Study”


This Real Life Case Study shows you EXACTLY how we were able to rank our videos on Page 1 of both Google & YouTube in a mater of minutes!

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Rank google and youtube quickly
  • Deeply analyze the competition of keywords
  • Drive crazy flows of traffic
  • Friendly to newbie
  • 30 Days money back guarantee

Cons :

  • I did not find any

Price and Evaluation

Well the price of Traffic Xtractor is around $ 27- $ 37 You can reserve to be able to keep up with you This is a hot product should sell well and will over soon, of course, it’s price will increase in future you can buy now and can place more than one software at a time.

Traffic Xtractor 2 has 1 FE and 3 OTOs

FE : Traffic Xtractor 2 $27-$37

OTO 1 : DFY Pack – $37

OTO 2 : Reseller’s Licence – $67

OTO 3 : 3x Software Bundle – $27


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Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Review – Best and Newest Graphics Tools !

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Review 



Do you want to do not need to go far just to find a nice background for your video but still you have ? This will definitely happen with Video Graphics Bonanza V2, That software was developed by Max Rylki. His videos not video on public network but he was shot when he was traveling in SE Asia and Europe. Of course the video has been slightly modified to fit your video but still holds the best resolution. You can watch the demo video below

To hire someone to shoot 100 videos and edit them for you could easily cost in the $1,000s. And to buy each video from stock photo sites could easily cost $25 – $100’s for just 1 video. With this bundle you get over 100 videos. Which has a realistic value in the $100’s or $1,000’s.

100 HD Video below


Now longer continue back with this review !


  • Vendor : Max Rylski
  • Product : Video Graphics Bonanza V2
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-13
  • Front-End Price : $17
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Video



Video Graphics Bonanza V2 is a huge bundle of premium quality video and graphics assets. It comes with 21 modules & 100’s of individual graphics items. All of this content is brand new and custom created for me. I hired several top designers and 3D animators and spent several dozen hours myself putting all this together. This is an amazing deal and your customers will get literally $1,000’s (in real value) for just $17 during launch week.

Feature Details 

Some features of this powerful video editor:

  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
  • Trim, ripple, roll, slip, slice and slide editing tools
  • Powerful green screen footage editing
  • Create multiple composite shot timelines
  • Transform and animate layers
  • Over 140 visual effects
  • 16 color correction and grading tools
  • 16 distortion and warp effects
  • Works on both Mac & PC
  • And much more…

What can you do with this video editor and graphics assets?

[+] 1 Click Green Screen Removal

Add yourself or any green screen spokesperson video over live footage videos or animated backgrounds… with 1 click.

[+] Make Your Logos & Text POP

Add Slash FX over your logos, text or even live footage videos to make them truly stand out.

[+] Add Stylish Stop Motion To Your Videos

Stop motion effects are very popular right now, and with these animations you can give your videos a stop motion makeover.

[+] Add Explainer & 3D Objects

You’ll get dozens of high quality hand crafted explainer style & 3D animated objects to add to your videos.

[+] Wow People with 3D Animations

You don’t need to know complicated 3D software. Just add my pre-made 3D animations to your videos and wow your audience!

[+] Combine, Mix & Match

Create truly unique scenes by combining multiple assets into one video. In this sample we used: Living Room Background, 3D Icon, Animated Shapes, and Animated Text.

Drag & Drop Assets ANYWHERE In Your Video & Create Unlimited Combinations of Scenes!

How to use it ?

It’s Super Easy To Use:

Because all of these “assets” have already been drawn, animated and rendered,
the hardest part has already been handled for you. All you have to do is…

Step 1:

Open The Provided Video Editor & open a video you want to edit

Step 2:

Click & Drag Graphics Asset… into your video

Step 3:

Your Video Looks Awesome 🙂 (add as many assets or effects as you want)

This product has 21 modules 

Module #1: HD Video Footage

 Module #2: Animated Virtual Studio

 Module #3: Stop Motion Paper Tears

 Module #4: Animated 3D Film Objects

 Module #5: 3D Social Media Icons

 Module #6: Animated Living Room

 Module #7: Commerce Explainer Objects

 Module #8: Flythrough Phone Reveal

 Module #9: “Sale” Paper Tears

 Module #10: “Safe Opening” 3D Animation

 Module #11: Animated Shapes Elements

 Module #12: “Lock / Unlock” 3D Animation
 Module #13: Camera Flashes
 Module #14: 3D Money Animations
 Module #15: Animated Brush Strokes

 Module #16: Flash FX “Slashes”

 Module #17: 3D Graph with Money

 Module #18: “High Tech” 3D Reveal Animation

 Module #19: 3D Sale Bag

 Module #20: Clapperboard Transitions

 Module #21: Fire Overlay


Pros and Cons 

Pros :

  • Many videos
  • High resolution video
  • Many new features
  • 2D & 3D formats
  • 30 Days refund

Cons : 

  • New video has not attracted much attention

My Exerience 

There have been a lot of quality “video makers” that came out recently like: Reevio, Explaindio, Video Maker FX, Viddyoze, etc.. They are all good for creating “scenes”. But they do have their limitations and you’re not able to use them to fully edit your videos.

With this free video editor you CAN fully edit your videos. In fact it has a lot of similar features to After Effects. It has over 1 million users and people are actually using it to create short movies and docs!

I’ve been using it for the past year, and I actually prefer it to After Effects and Camtasia. It has more features than Camtasia, and it’s simpler to use than After Effects. This is THE BEST free video editor I’ve found online!

The sales video at the top of this page was created using this free video editing software + all the assets in this bundle. So if you liked the sales video, you’ll be able to create something similar!

Price and Evaluation

At super cheap rates, It will definitely beat the other software with cheap rates like free is $ 17.

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 has 1 front-end and 3 OTOs

Front-End : Big bundle of video and graphics assets – $17

OTO 1 : Double the amount of video graphics assets + Developer License to everything – $47
OTO 2 : Done-for-You videos and video templates – $47
OTO 3 : Video Maker Toolkit V4 + Developer License – $47


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WP XperVideo Review – 1-Click Plugin Creates SEO-Optimized Video Sites !

WP XperVideo Review 



WP XperVideo Review – Introduction

There’s no better way to passive online profits than using video marketing. What if you could get traffic, rankings, sales & build your list all on autopilot, all using the power of video… But … without ever having to create a single video yourself? The newly released XperVideo high-quality WP plugin allows you to create multiple high-ranking video niche sites with 100s of curated videos.

With just 1 click you get a fully-fledged video site that will:

[+] Get you SEO optimized rankings
[+] Build your list
[+] Drive social traffic
[+] Make affiliate sales
[+] All mobile responsive

These have been proven to work incredibly well at dominating Google and bringing in traffic !


  • Vendor : Ayman Bakr 
  • Product : WP XperVideo
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-13
  • Front-End Price : $17
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software 


What is WP XperVideo ?

XperVideo is a fantastic WP plugin that builds you impressive 1-click video sites. We’ve got high quality templates, advanced video curator, and a fully responsive design – all based on our breakthrough architecture.

The way this is different is that customers can “lock” each video and force their visitors to sign up to their list, click ads, or share it on social media before they can see the videos.

On top of that we add 100% unique content below each video by curating the audio and converting it to text (it can insanely get easy rankings).

This means your customers can setup entire sites that get them SEO traffic and that can grow viral, build their lists on autopilot, and can get them sales. It’s a true all-in-one site monetization system.


Feature Details 

Top Feature

  • Lock Any Video and Ask Visitors to Like, Share, Subscribe, or Click an Ad
  • Built-In Lead Generation System
  • Fully Integrated with Amazon
  • Professional Stats + Reporting Inside the Admin Panel
  • Built-In SEO-Optimized Content
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Video Curator Finding and Adding Related Videos

How to use it ?

The process is REALLY simple, just three steps below

Step 1: Select a niche and keyword

Step 2: Auto-generate a complete SEO-enabled video site

Step 3: Sit back and enjoy organic traffic!

Pros and Cons 

Pros :

  • Just one click away
  • Be quickly
  • Friendly newbie
  • 30 Days Refund

Cons : 

  • I did not find the cons of this software

My Experience 

You can easily monetize them with Amazon products, affiliate offers or even your own products!

Here’s what makes XperVideo a fantastic product:

1. You can “lock” a video and force your visitors to share it on social media, click ads or sign up to your list before they can view it

This gets you automated passive traffic and increases your profits all organically, all on autopilot

2. It comes with 100% unique content

XperVideo automatically adds unique content next to each video by curating the audio and converting it to text

Price and Evaluation

I want you to check this out and grab access now as there’s no point waiting for something that gets you powerful results – right? This software price is $17 !

WP XperVideo has 1 front-end and 2 OTOs

Front-End : WP XperVideo – $17

OTO 1 : WP XperVideo Pro – $37

Tons of extra features including drip feed capabilities, developers license, analytics, and a complete different system for ranking. Priced at $37.

OTO 2 : WP XperVideo WhiteLabel – $97

Reseller Rights for WP XperVideo Plugin Allowing Your Customers to Keep 100% of the Profits!

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Simple Slim PLR Bundle Review – Private Label Rights !

Simple Slim PLR Bundle Review 



The booming weight loss market. PLR have become known for both quality and value for money while providing my valued partners with high epc’s and thousands of dollars on commissions with very low refund rates. Rick Warid here and This latest niche PLR pack is jam-packed with value and offers a fully done for you info product in a hot market! The pack includes PLR ebook, sales system, affiliate materials and a lot more…Sure ! You will love this done-for-you package in this hot market at a very affordable price and for you.

Firstly thanks for your interest! My niche PLR  packs become known for both quality and value for money, my aim is providing your customers with much needed quality content and done-for-you products in these massive cash laden niches within the massive Health & Wellness market. This is volume 44 of the series and with each one we are refining the process and making it better for the end user as well as the marketer.

And the product I’m referring to you is PLR called Simple Slim PLR Bundle !


  • Vendor : Rick Warid 
  • Product : Simple Slim PLR Bundle 
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-12
  • Front-End Price : $10
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : PLR


What is Simple Slim PLR Bundle ?

This new PLR pack is called Simply Slim and is a huge offer of high quality PLR material which coaches the beginner on exactly how to lose weight safely and systematically by following proven principles to long term, permanent weight loss.

You can grab yourself a brand new PLR product in the evergreen Weight Loss niche that’s all done for you so you can start making sales starting today…and cash in during the new year peak.

Feature Details 

  • “Simply Slim” – 7,000+word, 50 Page Ebook Detailing Simple Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss
  • Full Ecover Graphics
  • List Building Giveaway Report “10 Weight Loss Roadblocks To Avoid”
  • Lead Capture & Thank You Pages
  • Sales System Comprising Of Salespage With Copy Written Salesletter And Thank You Page
  • Set Of 15 Eye Catching Promotional Banners Optimized For The Most Popular Sizes
  • Full Source Files Including All PSD’s
  • Premium Print Quality License Packs
  • Detailed Keyword Reports
  • Exact Match Domain Names
  • 5 Premium Articles
  • Extra Bonuses

What you will find in the guide ?

Chapter 1 – Getting Your Head In The Game – Mental Preparations

Chapter 2 – First Things First – Current Assessment

Chapter 3 – Nutrition & Diet Overview

Chapter 4 – Macronutrients & Calories

Chapter 5 – Proven Strategies For Weight Loss

Chapter 6 – Adding Exercise Into The Mix

Chapter 7 – Shopping & Sample Meal Plan For A Week

Chapter 8 – Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

Bonus Chapter – Tools, Apps & Resources

Pros and Cons

Pros : 

  • Very detail
  • Set up the thank you page
  • Sales system and email marketing
  • Premium Print Quality License

Cons : 

  • Sort of messy and unclear

My Experience 

With this PLR you will be formulated to sell fitness items, lose weight. Especially the ClickBank market for you to free the PLR discovery materials. You have to know how to filter out PLR exactly the niche that you are doing avoid coinciding with who is doing with you, best to your opponent to do first and from there you can customize it arbitrarily.

Price and Evaluation 

PLR products are always cheap with many attractive plr specially for niche weight loss. Simple Slim PLR Bundle  is no exception it’s only $ 10 you have right away a plr kit for weight loss niche.

Front-End : Simple Slim PLR Bundle – $10

Upgrade Gold : Version PLR Bundle – $27

  • Simply Slim MP4 Video Course Of Ebook
  • Upsell & Downsell Sales Funnel Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • 5 Part Email Series Promoting Upsell Video Course
  • MP3 Audio Version
  • Animated Flip Version Of Ebook
  • Royalty Free Images
  • 10 Tweets
  • 10 Social Media Updates
  • 10 Social Media Quote Posters
  • Weight Loss Roadblocks To Avoid Infographic
  • Many Extra Bonuses


I hope what I say in this article will help you in getting PLR


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