Marketer’s Vault Review – Training, Software and Resources !

Marketer’s vault Review 


Marketer’s Vault Review – Introduction

If you’re seeing this page right now, you’re one of the lucky ones, because that means this marketing toolkit is still available.

In other words – you’re one of the 200 who can take advantage of my “Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit” worth $1,561, that I’m going to send straight to your inbox instantly, at 99% off.

Why only two hundred people? Well, I’m all for giving back to my fellow Entrepreneurs who want to creating a thriving online business, but I couldn’t continue doing this (without going belly-up).

In fact, when I announced this promotion to my staff, one of my team members blurted out, “you’re an idiot!”

Well, it looks like my idiocy is your gain.

But, there is a method behind my madness. Even though I’ll be losing a crazy amount of money in the short term with this special, I’ll hopefully be gaining so much more value in the long run when you become another one of our “success stories”.

In a minute, I’ll fill you in on exactly what I mean by that…

First, let me tell you what you’re going to get right now when you decide to take advantage of this never-before-seen life-changing giveaway.


  • Vendor : Mark Thompson
  • Product : Marketer’s Vault 
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-15
  • Front-End Price : $15
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : General


About the Author


Mark Thompson, co-founder of Digital Kickstart, a well-known digital publishing company has put together the ultimate “grab bag” for digital Entrepreneurs.

Typically Mark sells each part of this bundle (in total over $1000+), but for a short time, he slashed the price and applied a 99% discount for the entire suite (crazy right?!).

So What’s it ?

The Marketer’s Vault is a complete quick-start kit including Training, Software and Resources; starting as a Free + Shipping offer where we shipped to each customers doorstep…

– The Research Machine: How to Find Buyer-Hungry Niches FULL of Raving Fans Who Are DYING to Give You Their Money ($297.00 value)
– The Profit Machine: The FAST, FULL-PROOF Steps to Creating and Profiting From Digital Products Within a Week ($297.00 value)
– The Launch Code: The Exact Step-By-Step Behind-The-Scenes Formula For The Web’s BIGGEST And Most PROFITABLE Launches EVER ($197.00 value)
– Plus we added a bunch of other digital bonuses that they received instantly…

– The Funnel Code (BONUS): The Three SECRET Copy/Past Funnels That Work for ANY Niche or Product. ($197.00 value)
– 30-Days Free of PayKickstart (BONUS): Hit The Ground Running With The Most Powerful Shopping Cart & Affiliate Management Solution in The World. ($197.00 value)
– FunnelSpy Access (BONUS): The Ultimate UNFAIR Advantage to Ethically SPYING on Websites by “Reverse Engineering” The Most Profitable Funnels…With The Click of a Button. ($177.00 value)
– Funnel X-Ray Roundup (BONUS): A Detailed Behind-The-Scenes Walkthrough of All of Our Best-Performing Launch Funnels. ($197.00 value)

Feature Details

– The #1 type of niche you should never EVER choose to join (even if you see others getting great results from it …unless you want to fail horribly).
– How to pick the right “sandbox” to play in.
– How to avoid the number one way millions of businesses die right out of the gate.
– Why copying the tactics of FBI profilers is the secret to finding the perfect audience.
– How to recognize market changes BEFORE they happen (people will think you have a crystal ball).
– How to beat all of your competitors to market by meeting audience demands FIRST (they’ll be standing on the sidelines wondering how the heck you “one-upped” them).
– How to feed a crowd what they’re already desperately starving for but don’t know yet how to feed the hunger… You Will Show Them! 😉
– How to drop-in and spy on your competitors like a ninja in the night.
– How to cut through the noise (no more getting overwhelmed by all the data – know what to research and why, keeping it simple and streamlined).
– The crazy simple FIVE SECOND TRICK to determining if your audience is large enough to be profitable
– The “magic number” of search results… Yes, there is a threshold to be cautious of
– The PERFECT NUMBER of competitors every successful niche should have (and why having MORE or LESS could absolutely CRIPPLE your business).
– Advanced Google Trends research techniques you have NEVER heard of before, and that will reveal whether or not your niche will be profitable 3-5 years down the road.

Who Should Use It ?

This toolkit for a wish to learn to đào tạo, software and resource. It would be best for the newbie because they have no basic knowledge.

My Experience 

Included are the digital versions of his 3 hard-cover books – The Research Machine, The Profit Machine, The Launch Code – the popular FunnelSpy intelligence desktop app, the digital files to his Funnel X-Ray Roundup and probably best of all a 30-day full access account to PayKickstart, their brand new payment and affiliate management platform.

Price and Evaluation 

This package contains $1,561.00 worth of value – Mark and is team have auto-applied a 99% discount. This is your final opportunity to grab one of the last remaining packages. Go here and request your copy now (before they are gone).

Marketer’s Vault has

FE : Marketer’s Vault – $15

OTO 1 : Provely Ultimate Version – $97 one time

Upsell 2 : Provely Agency Version – $17/month or $27/month

Upsell 3 : Launch Madness – $397 one time

Evergreen : Paykickstart – $27/month or $99/month or $149/month



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Discount Pop Review – Revolutionary Banner Creator System !

Discount Pop Review 



Hey Everyone,

New plugin released today that you must see because this it provides a powerful tactic that works like magic! It utilizes the magic word “Discount” to captivate your visitors and in turn make your profits increases 10x over.

With DiscountPop you can …

– Offer your visitors easy and quick discount finder system
– They can compare prices on Amazon without ever leaving your site
– Develop customer loyalty through efficient and accurate results
– 2 fold Trigger option to grab your visitors attention
– Guaranteed compatible with all E-commerce affiliate website designs
– Professional and Modern Design (ready to convert)
– Plus much more…

This plugin is simple and easy to use you can have it setup on your
sites in just a couple of minutes.

Get ready to…
– Increase your Amazon commission without lifting a finger
– Tap into “Discount Finders” psychology to converts visitors into buyers
– Stop them from leaving your website and make them buy

Next, I will continue to explore more about Discount Pop !


  • Vendor : Chris Jenkins et al 
  • Product : Discount Pop
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-12
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : General


What is Discount Pop ?

DiscountPop is a revolutionary new system that allows you to create engaging popup banners that you can embed to your ecommerce affiliate websites. You are not just getting ordinary popup banner outputs. Each popup banner enables your website visitors to search for products from multiple affiliate sites and display the results with the best discount offer right on the banner itself.

The system uses the most effective approach that entices your customers to purchase more on your affiliate website by providing them products they want on the best discount offer there is online.

Feature Details 

In our effort to always bring you the best products to enhance your online marketing experience, we always make sure that each system or plugin we product passes rigorous testing, full-functional and packed with the best features you are gonna love and use.

We have packed DiscountPop with features to give you guaranteed success below

[+] Create Discount Banner Accordingly

We made sure that you, as our user gets the best control on each popup or discount banner you create with our system. You have wide-range of option to personalize your banners to match the website you want to use it into.

[+] Powerful Discount Meter Option
Your website visitors will get to enjoy a sleek and fully-functional discount meter on each popup you embed on your website. This means they have the power to choose how much discount they want on the search results.
[+] Easy Product Live Search
Each search result from DiscountPop discount banner gives you actual and real-time results from major affiliate networks. This means that the discount and pricing details that appear are actual digits from the affiliate sites.
[+] Add Popups with Multiple Triggers
This allows you as a user of the system to choose when to activate or show the popup based on the website visitors actions on your website. This means you can easily set each trigger on the most convenient action possible.
[+] Multiple Animation Effects
This feature allows you to grab your customers attention without being too pushy and imposing. The sleek animations included on our popup design option allows you to put a soft or sleek animation style for each discount banner.

[+] Popup A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing gives you the power to test each popup that you have designed using DiscountPop. This is very important for it allows you to see what banner designs or behavior gets the most conversion when put in you website.

[+] Powerful Tracking Features

DiscountPop gives you conversion tracking, visitor tracking and keywork tracking features that allows you manage each of your campaign accordingly and enables you to take appropriate actions based on results.

[+] Artificial Intelligence Feature

This advanced feature enables Discount Pop to detect whether the customer viewing your website is a returning customer. You get to personalize a message for them if the plugin detects that you have a returning customer.

[+] WooCommerce Compatible Theme

You can be assured that DiscountPop works on all WooCommerce websites with each functionality fully operational. DiscountPop system should enhance greatly your site’s conversions and increase profit significantly.

How to use it ?

Users can tap on 4 major affiliate websites online, Amazon, AliExpress, Shop.Com and Walmart as a source of discounted products. This means your customers are guaranteed to get actual products on the best deal.

 Watch Video Demo

Pros and Cons

Pros : 

  • Easy and quick to utilize and execute discount finder system
  • Effortless product discount tracking on majoe affiliate networks
  • Increased customer acquisition through actual product discount results
  • Fast conversion growth plus result-driven system design
  • Develop customer loyalty through efficient and accurate results
  • Guaranteed compatible on all Ecommerce affiliate website designs
  • Easy installation of plugin and start getting your earning in minutes
  • Sleek and modern interface design that doesn’t take away the
  • Support to all 4 major affiliate networks on the internet for more access to actual products

Cons : 

  • There are no cons here

User Experience 

DiscountPop offers you a powerful system which guarantees to give you huge advantages as an online marketer. The system was designed and conceptualized to give you the best results possible. This software gives you the power to get the best conversion possible most especially when you are dedicated on earning huge amount of money through your online store.

Each DiscountPop banner popups you create using the system are guaranteed to work across all platform and devices. With each functionality fully working and accurate search result in seconds, you are assured that you whatever your customer is using to check on our website you have a good chance of getting that profit.

DiscountPop popups have been tested to work well on desktop, tablets and even mobile phones.

With multiple triggers and A/B split testing options for you you get a sleek and powerful popup that doesn’t take away a good user experience on your website.

 Price and Evaluation

Most importantly, they are priced accordingly to give you better deals and better commission.

Discount Pop has 1 Front-end and 3 OTOs

Front-End :  Discount Pop – $37

Basic DiscountPop offer packed with essential features that will still give you profit and engagement you need.

– Create sleek and professional discount banners using Amazon
– Track you banner conversions with the DiscountPop plugin
– Popup banner type to help you get more profit and entice more customers into buying from your site
– On Load and Exit Intent banner triggers to help you get in more sales
– Choose form 5 banner animation effects for a more interactive website feel
– Amazon theme + Amazon Product Import Feature

OTO 1 : Discount Pop Advanced – $67

Advanced DiscountPop version fully-packed with all the features to give you better and more profit.

– Get all features available on our FE Offering
– Create discount banners for Amazon, AliExpress, Shop.Com and Walmart
– Choose from a more variety of banner types like Left , Right , Top , Bottom positions
– More banner triggers that you can use to customize your DiscountPop popups
– DiscountPop with WooCommerce compatible Theme (Amazon,Alixpress,Walmart,
– DiscountPop with Product import option as either post or product
– Choose from up to 20 transition effects available on this upgrade
– Dynamic targeting according to referal
– Exclusive Develop Rights for more DiscountPop website
– A/B Split Testing to test which banner will give you better results

OTO 2 : Discount Pop DFY

DiscountPop DFY Affiliate WordPress themes on 5 hot niches, ready-made high converting websites.

– All FE and OTO1 features will be available for you on this upgrade offer
– 5 DFY Amazon Affiliate stores under different hot niches, all setup and ready to give you profit once installed

OTO 3 : Discount Pop Label – $147

White Label access to one of the most powerful marketing tool you’ll need to succeed online. the Niche Evo software.

– Get all FE, OTO1 and OTO2 features available which mean more earning and more profit for you
– Niche Evo Whitelable Access to help you attain success on the online marketing world
– Easily add up to 100 users on your site


We have created a powerful product funnel to help you earn more and provide the best Discount Pop version to your prospected clients. Each funnel is packed with features suited for you or your clients needs as an online marketer.

GoodLuck !


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Web 2.0 Spiner Review – Build Authority Backlinks in Few Minutes !

Web 2.0 Spiner Review 

web 2.0 spiner


Hi Everybody !

How To Rank Sites FASTER Using Web 2.0 Authority Links

How would you like to rank your sites on page 1 using a method that you can prove works by doing a basic Google search & it’s crazy simple too? I’ll get back to that in a moment… Now we are led to believe that SEO is slow, it’s difficult & takes a lot of time. Thats is actually FALSE for many reasons…main one being that SEO pros want to make big profits.

So here’s a simple yet innovative software with a full Case Study thats shows a site being ranked in 15 days which now receives 28,000 monthly views – it’s pretty impressive…

In a nutshell it’s a high authority site that allows you to publish your own content like Tumblr & Weebly. Obviously these platforms have users that come & go so accounts get orphaned… Thats EXACTLY what Web 2.0 Sniper helps you find. Now Let Go !!!


  • Vendor : Jane Williams 
  • Product : Web 2.0 Spiner V2 
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST 
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-09
  • Front-End Price : $37
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : General 


What is Web 2.0 Spiner V2 ?

Web 2.0 Sniper is a clever new PC App that finds abandoned / Expired Web 2.0 “properties” that have relevant link-juice pointing at them. You can register these properties and use them to point links at your sites, blogs & Ecom stores (in-fact any site).

Web 2.0 is the present state of on-line modern technology as it compares with the very early days of the Internet, defined by better user interactivity and collaboration, even more prevalent network connectivity as well as improved communication channels. Among the most significant differences between Web 2.0 as well as the standard World Wide Web (WWW, retroactively described as Web 1.0) is better partnership among Web users, content providers and also business.

The social nature of Web 2.0 is one more significant difference in between it and the original, static Web. Progressively, internet sites enable community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and also collaboration.

About the Author 

Jane Williams has spent over 20 years in programming with a specialty in process automation & SEO. Some of my best known products include SEO Commander, Trafficshield & WP Master Control. I’ve also personally ranked 100’s of sites to P1 Google so know exactly the processes involved and the profits that come with SEO traffic.

Feature Details 

[+] Hyper-threading – The App Uses Hyper-threading for Faster Search

[+] Proxies – You can use proxies for heavy or commercial use

[+] Keyword Suggest Tool – Target even more keywords with the Pro Version

[+] Type or paste in your keywords to be used to find the expired Web2.0 properties

[+] The App searches the selected platform (Tumblr, WordPress, Live Journal & Wikidot)

[+] It Finds Ranking Web 2.0’s

[+] It checks if these accounts have expired (Either Ready to Be Registered Or In Their Grace Period To Register Later)

[+] Register these, create links pointing at your sites – hey presto! (It is all in the case study we give free)

[+] Finds Web 2.0 Properties WITH Link Juice

[+] Dig up any Web 2.0’s that have expired

[+] Register These Properties & Point Links at Your sites

[+] Watch Your Site Rankings Rise in SERPs

[+] Avoid Penalties by not creating Exact Match Keyword Links

How does It Work ?

Include five steps very simple

Step 1 : Paste Your Keywords

Paste in or type your keywords and select the network you wish to search using the drop-down provided – then press “start Finding Web 2.0s”

Step 2 : Find Web 2.0s

The Results for keyword relevant Web 2.0s that actually rank in Google will appear here. Or you can load your own Web 2.0s. Click “Transfer URLs to Checker”

Step 3 : Check Availability

The app now checks all the links to see if they are expired, some are available to register right away or made available again by these networks after a period of time (grace period).

Step 4 : Register Web 2.0

Register a new account using the exact user name you’ve found & write a short glossary about your website or a mini article relevant to the keywords you want to rank for to make the account more authentic.

Step 5 : Link To Your Site

Now simply add your link in the content you have created  where the site allows it (we cover exactly what to do in the case study we include) – That is It – Hey Presto.

Watch Video Demo 

 User Experience 

Do not say many, you see the result of me when using this product below

#1 Ranking for an Ecom Item 

resuilt 1

#2 Ranking for a High Traffic Search Term

resuilt 2

#2 Ranking for a High Demand Amazon Product 

resuilt 2'

#3 Ranking for an Affiliate Product Review

resuilt 3

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Written by SEO Pros
  • Simple 5 Step Process
  • Built in Proxy Support for Heavy Users
  • Hyper-threading for faster results
  • Built for Windows 7,8 & 10
  • 12 Months Support & Updates
  • Full Training Videos & Tooltips
  • 30 Days Refund

Cons : 

  • Need less about website skills

Price and Evaluation 

All customers of Web 2.0 Sniper during the promo period will get our full case study that shows you exactly how we ranked for “best fixed matches” in 15 days & drove 28,000+ views per month in 5 months. All only with $37 !

Web Spiner 2.0 has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs

Front-End : Web 2.0 Spiner – $37

OTO 1 : Extra License Pack  ( $36-$67 ) 

We respect that many customers may want more than one PC and some of them have VA’s so for that reason we are offering extra licenses

To address this we have created a special offer where your subscribers will get 3 EXTRA licenses for the price of one.

The price of this package will of course be held low whilst the main offer is active

OTO 2 : Web 2.0 Sniper Pro ( $47-$97 )

For those customers who want to make the most from Web 2.0s we’ve worked hard to give them even more platforms to search.

The pro version of the product gives you 6 more platforms to find valuable Web 2.0s on.

They get to search Webs, Overblog, Typepad, Weebly, Blogger, & Hubpages

OTO 3 : Social Sniper ( $47-$97 ) 

By far the best compliment to Web 2.0s is expired Social Properties. Of course not all social media platforms allow re-registration…

Social Sniper is a completely independent application that searches the best social media platforms for expired social accounts that are relevant to your keywords.

These of course will not only help you rank but also give you more link diversity.

GoodLuck !


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The Mutant offspring Review – Copy to Receive $44 A Day with Mutant Funnel !

The Mutant Offspring Review  

mutant funnel

The Mutant Offspring Review – Introduction

I just LOVE this Method, the easiest set up I’ve seen and it actually works!”

So I’m that surfer in the headline above, “Mutant Funnel Makes Surfer $44 a day”. You see, I travel and surf all year, so I like to find and create super easy and simple methods that take as little of my time as possible, so I can surf and travel the rest of the time. How little of time? Well this mutant method I have right here will take only 44 minutes to set up… And around 30 minutes a week to maintain. Could you do that? If I gave you a super SUPER easy PDF right now, with numbered directions, big giant arrows and screenshots to follow…

Do you think you could find 44 minutes to set it up..

Do you think you could find 30 minutes per week to maintain it?

I want to tell you right now, this is going to be FREE TRAFFIC for life on this Mutant method. Seriously now, I want you to think about that..this is how it works. You take 44 minutes tonight and set up the Mutant Funnel… It is Point and Click, that’s it, nothing complex AT ALL, you point where the PDF tells you to point.. You click where the Big giant arrows in the manual tell you to click. What happens next is the FREE traffic will start to roll in, yes free visitors for LIFE.

“Could you spare 30 minutes a week to earn $44 every day and free traffic for life?”

You do NOT have to keep setting up and setting up, you simple just maintain it, I’ll show you how, it’s all point and click also to maintain it. Are you ready?  There is no cap on how much you can earn, I’m going to show the Mutant Offspring method that can boost you up to $444 a day or higher. So since I have found this one, I wanted to share it with you. “Could you spare 30 minutes a week to earn $44 every day and free traffic for life?” 44 Minute SET UP !  Today, I want to introduce for you a software called The Mutant Offspring, Now I’ll review this software, let watch !


  • Vendor : Lyfe Lyte
  • Product : The Mutant Offspring 
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST 
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-08
  • Front-End Price : $12
  • Refund : 30 Days Money back Guarantee
  • Niche : General 


What is The Mutant Offspring ?

The Mutant Offspring is an automated money making system, You can earn $ 44 a day only after 44 minutes setup. Moreover, You also get a lot of free traffic from it, You can sell more products to help you increase your income.

Feature Details 

  • The $44 a day METHOD
  • Secret Tactic revealed
  • How to get FREE traffic for LIFE
  • EXACT step by step easy to follow PDF, no videos
  • Super fast set up (44 minutes)
  • 100% Never before Seen method
  • 100% tested by me
  • Point and Click (not even drag and drop)
  • Copy Me

How does it work ?

Very Simple only with three steps

step 1 : Point and Click ( 44 minute setup )

step 2 : People Visit ( Traffic for life )

step 3 : Get Cash ( $44 a Day )

But just imagine, if you got up to $444 per day, that is over $13,000 per month…

The benefits of using it

  • It is FREE traffic
  • Takes 44 minutes to set up
  • 30 minutes a week to maintain

User Experience 

The software allows you to create system to make $444 a day You only need 44 minutes for once And every day you will earn $ 444 Equally over $ 13,000 a month. I have had some success, Although uneven and not high It may be because I’m not good at it But I also earn over $ 5000 a month, Enough to cover life and other work costs, and you I believe you will do more than this.

Price and Evaluation 

This software is only $ 12, so cheap. Buy it now and will be used for forever before it increases, as i predicted It can cost up to $ 1000. So take advantage of this And buy it now for only $ 12.



You have an opportunity to receive my Special Bonus, If you finish 2 steps bellow

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DialCaller Review – Add a Toll-Free Number to Any Business!

DialCaller Review 


DialCaller Review – Introduction

Businesses are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy expensive software to support WP, graphics, video creation, automatic mail sending and more … But they forgot , there are more powerful weapons to serve customers better and more thoughtful, that is the call directly to the customer and software I would recommend to you that is DialCaller.

As you all know, call service always the most effective marketing. But DialCaller is not just a normal caller which is hidden in it is the conversation system and many say autoresponder attract customers. DialCaller as a virtual business with many employees calling and answer conversations for your customers, this will save time and effort. Hey let me discover this software!

DialCaller Review – Overview 

  • Vendor : Satish Gaire 
  • Product : DialCaller
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-08
  • Front-End Price : $47/Year Or $97/3-Year License
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : General 


So What is DialCaller ?

DialCaller is a mobile-friendly, point and click simple, tablet-friendly web app (works on PCs and Macs). If you want to know the technical side of it: it uses Twilio (no copy/pasting API required, it only requires 3 clicks) to link their toll-free number to your business.

About the Author 


Satish is an award-winning strategist in the world of marketing and web development. He is the author of 50+ web apps that help business owners to generate more sales activities. Their talented team is renowned for moving web marketing forward and educating marketers.

Feature Details 

Get this software. Review access below. Grab a local or toll-free phone number for $1-$2 per month via Twilio (instructions are inside). Integration with DialCaller takes 30 seconds.

When people ring your line, they will hear a custom greeting. You can upload your own audio file. You can also use our built-in text-to-speech functionality to have the digital attendant speak the messages that you put inside the multi-tiered call routing prompts.

The caller gets routed. It can go to a live representative; OR, a voice message can be recorded and emailed to the most appropriate email address according to how you set it up.

[+] Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding & Voicemail – handle call flow however you like.
[+] Text-To-Speech –don’t want to upload your own custom greeting audio? Just type it in.
[+] Call Recording Functionality – can be enabled or disabled.
[+] Unlimited Extensions – you can have a corporate tree as big as you can imagine.
[+] Unlimited Mailboxes – have as many users as your business can handle.
[+] Unlimited Analytics – track call flow data and see which times are your busiest.
[+] 1-Year or 3-Year Hosting & Support – you’re fully covered by our trained staff team.
[+] Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked (details below).

Can work in many countries, Highlights include Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, United Sate, Hong Kong, ….


How does it work ?

Made with 5 easy steps included

step 1 : Create an account

dialcaller step 1

step 2 : Add a ‘tool-free’ or local-area phone number

dialcaller step 2

step 3 : Upload your own voice greeting or use the built in text-to-speech function

dialcaller step 3

step 4 : Set up your greetings & caller actions ( Voicemail ? call forwading ? )

dialcaller step 4

step 5 : Log in 24/7 to check your voicemail messages

dialcaller step 5

Watch Video Demo 

Who Should Use It ?

Obviously, if you want to improve the image of your business and try to get rid of the boring image right now, this tool is a good option to take. It is newbie friendly, flexible, customizable and most importantly, it is extremely affordable.

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Available in many languages
  • Buy once forever
  • 30 Days refund

Cons : 

  • Not so much but still, Be prepared for that

My Thoughts

I hope my DialCaller Review would help you figure out more about the product. Well, this is what I did. First of all, I bought the product from the vendor. Then I grabbed a toll-free for just a couple of bucks per month. The integration process took only 30 seconds to complete. Setup calls, voicemail quickly. It only takes a few minutes ! It’s so Cool

Price and Evaluation 

You can buy DialCaller for $ 97. This price may vary depending on the time you purchased it. If you are interested please order it now ! 😀

DialCaller has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs

Front-End : DialCaller – $47 / year or $97 / 3-year license

– Basic software, up to 4 lines
– Unlimited features:
[ + ] Call greeting
[ + ] Call routing
[ + ] Call forwarding
[ + ] Call extensions
[ + ] Call voicemail boxes

OTO 1 : DialCaller Pro – $97 / year or $197 / 3-year license

– PRO software, unlimited lines
– Includes enterprise-level features:
[ + ] Outbound dialing
[ + ] Multiple recipients on incoming VM
[ + ] Text-to-speech robo greeting function
[ + ] SMS notifications on inbound voicemails
[ + ] Individual user logins and passwords

OTO 2 : DialCaller Deluxe – $197 / $297 / $497 one-time fee

– DELUXE reseller version upgrade
– Sell DialCaller as if it was your own
– Keep 100% of the profits (business-in-a-box)
– Price breakdown:
[ + ] $197 for 25-user package
[ + ] $297 for 100-user package
[ + ] $497 for 500-user package

GoodLuck !


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InstaStories Review – Create Stunning Stories In Less Than 2 Minutes !

InstaStories Review 



Facebook Introduced Stories ads in 2016 and since then it has become the most powerful form of advertising used by the biggest companies online.

More than 80 percent of social network users access social media on a mobile device.

Instagram has more than 500 million daily users to be exact and it has the clout of its big brother Facebook too.

It’s a brand-friendly and makes it easier to follow brands, like their posts and show approval of their content, which is good for measuring engagement. It’s also allowing an Insights tool, so brands can improve their content strategy.

Stories give brands the chance to get really creative and connect with customers in a fresh, exciting way and can help any brand to create an ongoing dialogue with customers and engage with new demographics.

The software that I want to refer to you is called InstaStories. Now let me learn it !


  • Vendor : Mario Brown et al 
  • Product : InstaStories 
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST 
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-04
  • Front-End Price : $37
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : General


What’s InstaStories ?

Stories is the first tool in the market that create unique, exclusively eye-catching Stories for your advertising campaigns or for feeding extraordinary story content your Instagram brand.

More than that it allows you to upload the custom generated stories from the web-based app directly to Instagram.

In fact, Storie makes everything so simple and short that even newbie can do it. There are a lot of templates which can be customized for you to use right away.

Whether you want to gain a following, launch an idea, grow your business, or support a cause, Instagram Stories are the most engaging way to communicate on Instagram. Create and share compelling Instagram Stories that extend your reach and inspire your audience to action.

Some success of InstaStories

Feature Details 

I only introduced a few key features, the rest you will know when you buy it

  • Newbie friendly platform
  • Easily create and render movies in a few minutes
  • Easily add images, texts, and videos with overlays
  • Amazing visual templates that can be customized
  • Can be applied to many niches
  • Works similarly to Facebook stories
  • Boost conversions and engagement
  • Create viral Instagram ads
  • Save money effectively

How to use it ?

step 1 :  Pick Your Animated Storie Mobile Video Ad Template

step 2 : Customize It 100% To Your Liking  (Your Text, Your Images & Sound, Everything)

step 3 : Export & Upload Directly To Instagram Or Download To Your Computer


Watch video Demo 

Who Should Use It ?

  • It’s For Digital Product Creators
  • It’s For Affiliates, Bloggers & Social/Content Marketers
  • It’s for Local Marketers & Small Business Owners/Brick&Mortar
  • It’s for e-Com Store Owners

Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Newbie friendly
  • Amazing templates
  • Apply to many niches
  • Create video ads instantly

Cons :

  • The price may increase after a week launch

User Experience 

To give you some more bits of information in this Storie Review, this software was developed based on artificial intelligence which enables you to create a whole new story in just 2 minutes. Instead of wasting a huge fortune on outsourcing to someone else, why don’t you use such a product as Storie and save more money?

Last but not least, Storie also enables users to add call-to-action buttons to promote more sales. Incredible, isn’t it?

Price and Evaluation

For just $37, you can get access to an intelligent tool that promotes better usage of Instagram. The best part? It is newbie friendly, flexible and affordable.

This software has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs

Front-End : (Storie Personal License – $37)

30 amazing video templates, fully customizable & optimized for Instagram Stories and Instagram Storie Ads + Mobile Ads

OTO 1 : (Storie Templates Club – $37/Month)

20 Extra amazing video ads plus 10 Monthly video ads template club.

Members receive fresh, top-converting ad templates every single month.

OTO 2 : (Storie Pro – $47)

Resellers Licence

Add up to 5 team members.

Unlimited Instagram accounts

OTO 3 : (Storie Commercial License – $67)

One more thing, InstaStories comes with a bunch of bonuses if you buy it soon. Grab the chance right now if it is what you have always been looking for.

Thanks for considering my views in this InstaStories Review.


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Chiropractor Marketing Confidential Review – Expert Fluff-Free !

Chiropractor Marketing Confidential Review



Want a fast way to earn $500 by the end of the week or $1,500 per week within the first month…or more?

My buddy Jim Mack has discovered a “push button” method that generates leads for Chiropractors who specialize in high dollar dental procedures and banking month after month.

They have been selling this service and getting new patients like clockwork right from his office.

The best part: This not the “OLD SCHOOL” Lead Generation. With this new tactic you don’t need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO, Squeeze Pages and Autoresponders. Everything is outsourced and hit submit and watch the leads come in!!

If you can click your mouse, you can make money with this system.

Since this is something a lot of folks want to know how to do, Jim Mack figured out an easy way to do it by leveraging YouTube against Google and generating leads for Chiropractors.

It’s A Complete And Tested Blueprint On How To Become A Local Business Marketing For Chiropractors. Expert Fluff-Free And 100% Actionable Strategies.

Chiropractor Marketing Confidential Launch Your audience will get the following products:

Our Top Training Course On How To Become A Local Business Marketing Expert for the Chiropractor Market
Over the Shoulder Videos That Go Into Detail Every Aspect Of The Course.
Necessary Paperwork and Presentation Slides To Market and Sell The Lead Generation Services

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. They look for businesses that have really great YouTube videos but they’re videos are not getting the exposure they thought it would.

Step 2. They then take those videos and use a secret little known loophole to get the businesses videos insane exposure all over the first page of Google.

Step 3. They show the business and ask them hey would you like for us to keep these on the first page of Google for you for a small management fee?

Step 4. Since the businesses were paying a monthly fortune for a billboard ad, or side of bus ad, or phone book ad… it makes sense for them to pay a fraction of what they’re paying for exposure on Google where prospects are actually searching for them.

The big problem is usually folks get overwhelmed by the seo tech that’s involved to do get this page one exposure all over google, so when you join live you’ll learn all the steps so you won’t get that tech overwhelm.

Chiropractor Marketing Confidential Review – Overview

  • Vendor : Jim Mack 
  • Product : Chiropractor Marketing Confidential 
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST 
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-03
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : General


What’s Chiropractor Marketing Confidential ?

Jim has cracked the code on Lead Generation for Chiropractors who specialize in not only Chiropractic, but Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine and more! With this new tactic you don’t need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO and Squeeze Pages. Everything is outsourced and hit submit and the leads come in!!

Chiropractor Marketing and Lead Generation done the easy way. Bank 500 bucks and more for each new clients. Easy way to 10 clients your first month.

This does not have to be rocket science. Just click the mouse and intested prospects call you. With this new tactic you don’t need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO and Squeeze Pages.

This Course Covers Absolutely Everything From Start To Finish

When you’re done with this course you will be ready to start finding prospects and generating leads that pay.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to do this, it takes someone who is willing to put in the time and effort into making this a success.

In the blink of an eye you will be solving a problem for a Chirpractor who is gladly going to pay you.

In this course I completely pull open the curtain to make this easy to do and understand.

I wanted it to be as close to copy and paste as possible. This way you have a complete road map to success. I know how hard it is to make money from home.

I have removed the barriers to your success…The Rest Is Up To You!

Learn The Fastest Ways to Land Great Chiropractors!

[+] Jim’s persuasion secrets for closing more Chiroprators faster with less resistance.

[+] The Voice Mail System that circumvents Phone Screeners

[+] The Google Places criteria for excellent chiropractor clients

[+] The Free list of almost every business in the country

[+] How ONE chiropractor can pay you $36,000 a year …the numbers prove it.

[+] The “Forgotten Social Network” finds and contacts Chiropractors…for Free.

[+] How Connnecting with Auto Salespeople will bring you Chiropractors!

CAUTION: Dont Exceed 10 Chiropractors UNLESS you do this.

[+] D***** and P***** are your best unexpected marketing tools.

[+] The Video Ranking System blows prospects minds.

[+] Why making your video(s) too perfect might be a mistake.

[+] Take the sting out of any client disappointments.

[+] If You offer A discount, What you MUST Offer With it.

[+] The big financial secret most don’t know about Chiropractors

[+] The only time you should accedpt payment by check.

[+] How To ‘sucker punch’ the competition with ONE line.

[+] Secrets nobody told you about setting REALISTIC Goals.

Who is this right for ?

I was thinking about this question the other night. there are so many preconceived ideas about chiropractors that until you know the full story, you may not appreciate how valued you’ll be to these doctors. Many chiropractors do extremely well, but others are drowning due to insufficient numbers of new patients. You can turn that around with your creativity and marketing savvy. The good news is you’ll be warmly welcomed when you approad them properly. They need you and they know it. If you can put honest service ahead of just money then you’re the person I’m looking for.

User Experience of people other

This training knocked me out JimI I’m using it and loved it so much I decided to do a video about it just as an appreciation for it…

I’ve looked through this course myself and can say that it’s SOLID. Jim is a stand up dude.

Pros and Cons 

 Pros : 

  • Easy to use
  • High Converting Salescopy
  • Massive Salesfunnel
  • 30 days refund
  • Friendly newbie

cons :

I don’t find cons yet

Price and Evaluation

You are right. The retail price for a course like this is $497. However, by acting today, you are getting the entire step by step manual, all the email templates, and the video training material and support forms for one single payment. With price only $27  forever. 365 days guarantee.

Chiropractor Marketing Confidential has 1 front-end and 3 upsells

Front-End : Price is $27

Upsell 1 : Price is $47

Upsell 2 : Price is $47

Upsell 3 : Price is $37 per month


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