Local Business Client Machine Review – From Zero to a Full-Time Income !

Local Business Client Machine Review 



Local Business Client Machine You Will Learn Exactly What To Sell, How To Sell It, How Much To Sell It For, And Exactly How To Deliver It. With Local Business Client Machine you’ll be able to get out of the gate fast, and lay the foundations for a fantastic, lifestyle business! In this new training and software product, Local Business Client Machine, Product Creator Lee Cole reveals everything.

Comes with my new WordPress plugin, Proposal Genie. Proposal Genie manages the whole selling process for you. Using Proposal Genie will massively increase your subscribers’ confidence and level of professionalism. They’ll look like pros, even if they’re newbies who just hatched out of the proverbial egg!

 The exact four products he sell in his own business today How to price and sell each of those four products, The easiest way to fulfill the sale for each of these four products (including information about outsourcing)
And Now Let me discover this product !


  • Vendor : Lee Cole 
  • Product : Local Business Client Machine 
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST 
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-10
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Refund : 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Offline 


What is It ?

The Local Business Client Machine is a course help you build offline business, they use Genie software to help you build your business quickly. All methods know-how Lee Cole’s own will be uploaded to the Business offline course,  All knowledge can be applied immediately and will no longer be conceptual

“new people do not know how to do”!

Proposal Genie is a WordPress plugin that you’ll use to create professional grade business proposals, manage all your communications with your client, and generally make yourself look like a seasoned pro…even if you’re not! Comes with complete, newbie friendly instructions. Takes less than 2 minutes to install.

About the Author 

Lee Sole

In 2010, Lee Cole kissed my last job good bye and launched a very successful business as an offline consultant. A year later, I started teaching others how to do the same. I’ve helped thousands of people learn to make real money online, even if they have virtually no sales or technical skills.
Today, I’d like to show you the simple, four-step system I used (and still use today) to build my offline business into a life changing income fast!

What Makes Local Business Client Machine So Special ?

Three super reasons to promote Local Business Client Machine to your list!
[+] Your subscribers are going to learn exactly what to sell, how to sell it, how much to sell it for, and exactly how to deliver it!
[+] My products routinely have high EPC’s and great customer satisfaction!
[+] Your subscribers are going to be blown away by my Proposal Genie software!
[+] My Otos routinely have very high conversion rates, and this one will be no exception!

Genie Does All of This

  • Creates Professional Looking Business Proposals
  • Manages Your Clients for You
  • Manages Your Communications with Your Clients
  • Prevents Misunderstandings and the Dreaded Scope Creep
  • Brands You as a Seasoned Pro…Even If You’re Not One

How to use it ?

To make sure you understand the importance and power of each of these steps, let’s go over each in a little detail below.

 Step 1: Find a Thirsty Market

I needed money right then and there. So, I didn’t have time to educate or convince anyone about anything.Because of this, I focused on selling only four, easy to understand core products. Products that potential clients already understood and knew they wanted.I researched businessess before approaching them to make sure they really needed one of my core products.The results were amazing!

Step 2: Use a Simple, No-Brainer Sales Presentation

I also didn’t have time to chase people, call them back, nurture them, and all that stuff. I needed sales now! So, I created a very low-stress sales presentation that was designed merely to show prospects what I was selling and ask for the order. No stress, no objection handling, nothing fancy! Since I was only talking to businesses that really needed what I was selling, this too worked amazingly well! My conversion rate was (and still is) huge!

Step 3: Do NO Custom Work!

This is a biggie. It’s not really a step, but it’s so important that I included it as a step. When I launched my business, I decided that I would do no custom work. Wouldn’t do it even if it meant losing the sale! Besides making my own work flow a breeze, doing this had two other huge impacts on my business.

  • I could charge slightly less because I knew that I could do the work in a fraction of the time that my competitors could.
  • When my business grew to the point that it was time to outsource, that transition was a breeze.

Step 4: Upsell Everyone to Recurring Income Products and Services

As I said, I sold (and still sell) only four products. Once I landed a client for one product, I pitched them on any of the other three products that made sense to pitch. So, I always took a nice one-off sale and made double or even triple the money.

And…here’s where it gets really sweet…I always pitched the client on the recurring income version of whatever they bought. At least half of my clients ended up with some sort of recurring income package from me. I’ve had many clients paying me upwards of $2000 per month for services which were very, very easy for me to fulfill. (Remember I only sold the easy stuff and did no customization.)

The Path to Six Figures

Who Should Use It ?

This course is for anyone who wants to create an offline business can do business right at home. When you business online should also combined offline and offline is the super-profit marketing but, very time consuming. So, this course It also helps them to complete the fastest offline enterprise. In short, this course is for anyone who likes to do offline business.

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Help you work fastest
  • You make up to $57 commission per sale throughout the entire funnel
  • Your subscribers get a proven system and software that anyone can use to build a real business, fast!
  • Proven ways to build a real, offline business FAST!
  • Software handles all your customer relations

Cons :

  • Must be connection internet to can learn it

User Experience

Local Business Client Machine Has Everything You Need For Success…Training AND Software!

Price and Evaluation

With the knowledge you have for your business, it costs you $ 27. It’s very Cool ! Thanks for reading this review !

Local Business Client Machine has 1 front-end and 2 OTOs

Front-End :  Local Business Client Machine -$27

OTO 1 : Local Business Client Machine Done-For-You Package – $47

OTO 2 : Local Business Client Machine Affordable Coaching – $67


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