Viddictive 2 Review – Create the Best Ads Video for the Marketer !

Viddictive 2.0 Review 

Viddyoze 2

Viddictive 2.0 Review – Introduction 

Hey Guys ! What’s up ayy….

Do you know of a software that can create professional-looking video ads and be cheap? I know a software through the invitation of my friend, he has many years of business experience on the Internet, one day he happened to introduce me a product, it helped me save quite Money to make video advertising for my product. And today I would recommend it back to you. Why do I introduce you? Nowadays, many big business or small businesses need the support of advertising and especially advertising on the Internet with Video is very necessary. If renting outside will be very expensive and not sure will be as desired.

Today, I will introduce you to a software called Viddictive 2.0 with it, you can comfortably create video ads based on the template video ads available, so you will save money on video. advertisement. What is the price of Viddictive? Let follow this article.

Overview Viddictive 2.0 

Vendor :  Mario Brown et al
Product :  Viddictive 2.0
Launch Time :  11:00 EDT
Launch Date :  2018-Apr-29
Front-End Price : $37
Sales Page Preview :
Refund :  30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche :  General


What is Viddictive 2.0 ?

Viddictive 2.0 is a suite of video tools available, and templates are available. Help you create stunning and professional Advertising Videos with just a few clicks. Suitable for small and medium businesses, young marketers, real estate, fashion and style.

Users can add some text, images into the content of the video, in addition to the right to add the sound. You can also build advertising campaigns with FaceBook very effectively. Here, I have two previews, you can refer right now !

About the Author – Mario Brown


Mario is very good and specializes in Marketing. You can expect Mario Brown’s product to be very good, all based on the leading experts in marketing.

Viddictive 2.0 Includes Features

1/ Video Ads Template : These are the main components of Viddictive 2.0, including a series of videos that have been scientifically proven.

2/ Facebook marketing API : Easy to integrate it into your FaceBook, you can upload it to your FaceBook and build an entire campaign through it in a cost-effective way.

3/ Drag and Drop Technology : Active with this Tool only with mouse without need to add or keyboard. All only need drag and drop you will have an video as a dream.

4/ Completed video advertising automated suite : With API integration with FaceBook will be able to solve the problem of new marketers not much experience or their capital too.

Well, that’s what it’s all about this tool, but in fact it can apply to a lot of industries that you might be able to apply. Now watch the trial video

How does it work ?

You think you can do it, No, better than you should watch this video demo

Who Should Use It ?

As I said above, Viddictive 2.0 is very well suited to young marketers who have not had much experience or capital, Can work with Viddictive 2.0 without fear of lack of software skills or Experienced as high players. You too, if you are an ordinary person, Yeah! You can still work with Viddictive 2.0. It is possible that you are still worried about the price, So read the bottom part.

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • With a few simple drag-and-drop operations you can have instant promotional videos
  • Not need to experience before
  • Any any ai can be work with it
  • 30 Days refund

Cons :

  • Not any

Price and Evaluation of Viddictive 2.0 

Only $37, you have a powerful tool to support make video ads for free, with a lot of templates for you to edit and make new products for yourself. In addition, you will be refunded within 30 days of 100% guarantee with the words of Mario Brown.

There’s more, In addition to Front-End VDictive 2.0, Mario has added 3 OTOs to upgrade features to become better and more complete.

Front-End : Viddictive 2.0 – $37

OTO 1 : Viddictive Templates Club – $47 ( One time fee )

OTO 2 : Viddictive Pro – $67

OTO 3 : Viddictive Commercial License – $67


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My Thought about Viddictive 2.0

As far as my experience has said. Viddictive 2.0 is really good, if you use the right way, choose the right Templates for Marketing, you edit the right bit for your product, this may be a very good sales campaign for you, but also It will be filled with disappointment if done improperly. I’m not so good, but I have experience in Marketing, I can tell you what you should do right now.

Viddictive 2.0 is not a perfect tool, but it’s the perfect solution for you right now, so do not waste your money on hiring video advertising, instead, with just a small amount of money you can have it. A set of Templates Video ads are available for you to customize freely and you can also make your dream come true with just a few drag-drop clicks. So, That’s what I think.

Conclusion of Viddictive 2.0

It can be said that Viddictive is a startup with a small business or even small individuals can still use Viddictive 2.0 as a tool for their own to compete with the big rivals. The price of Viddictive is good, quite cheap for a tool with professional features, the campaign of advertising your product to customers will be easier than ever and cost a little Video Ads. .

Wish you success with the upcoming campaign products and don`t work with Viddictive 2.0 often  😀 : D : D I hope I will be meet you again ! Oh my friend ;D

Interactr 2.0 Review – That Allows Users to 2X Conversions, 3X Engagement and 14X CTR’s with Video !

Interactr 2.0 Review 



The explosion of online video content over the past few years is making it harder to attract and engage viewers.

80% of online video ads are abandoned within the first half of the ad.

– Vindico
20% of viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or less.

– Visible Measures
45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute.

– Visible Measures
If your customers want to succeed in the future & blast past the competition …something has to change.

All within One Single Profitable Video Funnel! The best part is that Interactr 2.0 was made with the non-techie in mind.


  • Vendor : Ryan Philips 
  • Product : Interactr 2.0 
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-13
  • Front-End Price : $67
  • Sales Page Preview :
  • Refund : 14 days money back guarantee
  • Niche : Video 


So What is Interactr 2.0 ?

Interactr is a unique cloud based software application that allows users to 2X conversions, 3X engagement and 14X CTR’s with video. It does this by dynamically displaying custom content to each individual viewer inside of the video via our interaction layer technology. We call this new, groundbreaking method of marketing “Behavioural Dynamic Response Video”.

Feature Details 

[+] Plug & Play Templates PROVEN To Drive More Leads, Sales, Traffic & Higher Engagement

[+] Maximize engagement in seconds with the “Lazy Man Template” – a simple, single question template that can boost conversions up to 83%

[+] Slash video drop off by using our “Pattern Interrupt Template” – proven to drastically increase video watch time in every test we’ve ran

[+] Build your brand &authority with a custom “Content Template” that sets you apart from the competition whilst entertaining your viewers

[+] It turns ANY video into an interactive conversion machine:

– By AUTOMATICALLY delivering custom content based on the unique behaviour of each viewer
– By skyrocketing engagement and making drop-off rates a problem only your competition will face
– By delivering the perfect pitch to the perfect prospect at the perfect time

How to use it ?

Maximize Profits With Custom Interactive Videos In 4 Simple Steps :


Watch Video Demo Below 

A dynamic, custom viewing experience that skyrockets engagement, viewing time, clicks and sales … in minutes and with no tech skills required!

Pros and Cons 

Pros :

  • Real Time Dynamic Response
  • Sell More With Scarcity
  • Automated List Building
  • Powerfully Simple Funnel Builder
  • Full Video Training
  • Add Branding & Custom Elements
  • Time-Saving Media Library
  • Retargeting Friendly

Cons :

  • I have not found anything cons in this product

My Experience  

This tech has been proven to deliver up to 14X higher click rates than traditional linear videos.


Add clickable hotspots anywhere in your video so you can make any scene, element or video area interactive.


Create your interactive video in the canvas so you can easily see where all the interactive video paths lead in your project.


This is the quickest way to get started. Simply drag your videos onto the canvas and enable chapters so your viewers can choose what content they want to see.


Easily share your interactive video by grabbing your share link and posting on social media, these videos are proven to get higher click-thru rates.


Head over to the analytics dashboard so you can see exactly how your interactive video is performing. We track clicks, conversions, revenue, retention rate plus more.

Price and Evaluation

Its Price is $67. Interactr 2.0 has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs

Front-End : Interactr 2.o – $67

OTO 1 : Interactr Club – $37/Month or $147/Year

OTO 2 : Interactr Agency Academy – $97/Month or $197/Year

GoodLuck !


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InstaFlip360 Review – Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design And So Much More !

InstaFip360 Review 



I am so excited… and you will be too. Adrian’s latest product is launching tomorrow. With it, you will be able to create highly valuable assets in just 3 steps and then you’ll see EXACTLY how to sell them for hundreds, even thousands.

It’s here it’s finally here. This is such a HUGE breakthrough… one I’ve been wanting for so long. You’ll finally be able to create flippable websites as easy as 1.. 2.. 3… and turn it into a reliable consistent income 6 figures is VERY doable very (you’ll be amazed) Just create your websites in less than 20 minutes then flip them sometimes within 24 hours Don’t know anything about flipping? Not a problem along with Adrian’s breakthrough software You’re getting a complete website flipping training See how Adrian and his students have been making a killing doing this. Now you can do it too…


  • Vendor : Han Fan et al
  • Product : InstaFlip 360
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-12
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Sale Page Preview :
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Video


What is InstaFlip 360 ?

InstaFlip360 is a cloud-based software that works for any platform, browser or operating system. This is suitable for any online marketing angle such as: Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design and so much more.

If your customers are looking for way to make massive money online or they are don’t have the Tech. know how, they can use InstaFlip360 to building up beautiful website then instantly flipping for massive profits. We talking about SIX Figure Yearly Income. Yes. Adrian and Cristian has done this many times over.

Your customers can beautiful websites with our cloud based website builder, for themselves or flipping instantly. It’s drag and drop easy. Customers can setup stunning designed websites in minutes.

Customers also get well-done training, the exact system Adrian and Cristian uses to flip websites for Six-Figure profits. This information has never been revealed before. So get ready to Mail hard make tons of money, and most importantly your customer will thank you for share this secret method and make them tons of money on year 2018.

Feature Details

[+] Introduction & Website Flipping Basics

[+] Pros and Cons of Website Flipping

[+] Buying Expired Domains with high Authority

[+] Flippa Selling Template & Metrics to check before buying a website

[+] Flipping Advance Strategy & Flipping Resources

[+] Website Flipping Strategies & Understanding of the Flipping Process

[+] Finding a template and monetization

[+] KISS – Keep it Short and Sweet

[+] How to build a website from scratch and flip it.

[+] Bonus Section: Website Monetization strategies

How does it work ?

Very simple Watch Video Demo Below

Pros and Cons 

Pros :

  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Services
  • Web Design
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • And Many More…

Cons :

  • I have not found anythings

User Experience

With InstaFlip360 you can make SEO extremely powerful. You can understand that, InstaFlip360 it works evenly and complete the task as regular as our earth. It’s too perfect with a 360-degree rotation. It can be said that it is very perfect. I used the real beta of Han Fan And his teammates are very professional When creating this product, Of course, the results have come after i use it. Website started to top google I can feel it, very miraculous !

Price and Evaluation 

Anyone that wants to make money online. Not only quick money, but to actually build a business online. This works if you’re just starting out but also if already have experience. Its Price is $27

InstaFlip360 has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs

Front-End : InstaFlip360 – $27

OTO 1 : InstaFlip VIP Club – $37/m and $47 Quaterly

OTO 2 : Agency ProfitS360 Flipping Edition – $37/m and $47 Quaterly

OTO 3 :XLeadS360 Pro Edition – $37/m and $47 Quaterly

OTO 4 : InstaFlip360 Pro Reseller – $197 Sliver Edition or $297 Platinium Edition

Thanks for Reading !


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VideoRemix Local 360 Review – 360 Video and Affiliate Benefits !

VideoRemix local 360 Review 



Have you heard of 360° video yet? If not, you need to. It’s taking over the local marketing scene, producing massive profits immediately and catapulting everyday marketers like yourself into overnight success. You can learn how to cash in starting today. This is by far the most exciting video technology that will be released onto the marketing scene in 2018 and we’re offering you the chance to get your hands on it before everyone else. In fact, 98% of Americans surveyed think 360° video is “more exciting” when it comes to recording events than any other video technology. Local360° video gives you that exciting factor instantly.


  • Vendor : Simon Warner
  • Product : VideoRemix Local 360
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-07
  • Front-End Price : $197
  • Sale Page Preview :
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Video 


What’s VideoRemix Local 360 ?

This is the exact training that our 30+ beta testers went through to start capturing leads and sales instantly. From the moment the training starts, you will automatically feel your confidence boosted and you will eagerly want to take action. By jumping in during our training you can also immediately grab a handful leads and convert them to paying customers. Topics to be covered during this hands on 2 days of non stop action packed training are:

– Why 360 video is the pot of gold for local marketers in 2018
– How to get started on day one
– What to send to a potential customer to start the conversation
– Turn that lead into cash
– Working with a local 360 videographer
– Adding the 360 video into your Local360 account
– Using template to simplify the process
– Delivering the Local360 video to your customer
– Getting paid

Training that will have you walking away with leads and sales from the moment you start moving forward on these proven success steps !

Feature Details 

  • Instant Local360º video creation. No rendering required.
  • Quick and easy drag and drop text and call to action video creation.
  • Create unlimited length videos and as many as your customers want. No extra payment required.

How easy it is ?


Step 1 : Import 

Simply insert a link to import ANY 360 video you want to use. Whether it is a video you took yourself with your smartphone or one of our fabulously stunning 360 templates… YOu can mix, mash, combine and edit to your heart’s content. Integrates with your own videos –YouTube, Vimeo & more…


Remove existing audio from videos. Add new audio. Record and insert voice overs via Integrates with, SoundCloud & more…


Add logos, banners, photographs, gifs and graphics galore! Seamlessly integrates with giphy, images, Flickr, Youzign, DropMock, DesignopPro2 & more…


Cut videos and audio. Trim videos and audio.



Get creative as you work within our online editor and start to add text. Enjoy absolute flexibility in making sure you express your marketing message exactly how you want to. This feature is easy to use and in no time at all your annotated 360º video will be ready to share with the world.

unnamed (1)

You already know that 360º video boosts your engagement and click-thru rate, this is why your call to action MUST be STRONG. 360º will enable you to add the strongest, most effective call to action possible.

unnamed (2)

Step 3 : Publish 

Whether you have a list or not, we’ve made it easy to get your Local 360º Videos out there & start making you money! No matter how you choose to easily share them – Local 360º Videos are the ultimate way to give each of your prospects a meaningful, engaging experience that will leave them salivating to sign up to your list, desperate to buy your product or keen to click on your offer.


OptimizePress, WordPress, Twitter,…

Watch Video Demo Quickly 

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Easy to use
  • 30 Days Refund
  • Fast create Video 360
  • Increase profit quickly

Cons :

  • I have not found anythings

User Experience 



It’ll make YOU SERIOUS MONEY! With Over $190 PER SALE, recurring commissions for life on OTO1. PLUS over $9,000 in NO MINIMUMS PRIZES with a Brand New Technology to hit our market space… How can you not profit?


VideoRemix has a proven track record… Not only a ton of already happy customers and years of development – but our customers ALSO have a ton of happy customers of their own… In fact – they’ve made over $500,000 just by selling our other video products… Nothing increases sales more than PROOF and we have plenty of it!


This technology is cut from the same cloth our other massively successful video products are and will be supported and continued to be supported and developed for the longterm. Local360º is proof we keep innovating and making our platform more robust and better every month.


Local360º by Video Remix can be used by EVERYBODY in EVERY LOCAL NICHE with success. It has a WIDE appeal to your subscribers no matter what niche they are in.


There is nothing else that exists like Local360º in the JVZOO Market. The nearest closest competitors cost thousands per month – the quality of Local360º by VideoRemix and the awesomeness of this offer is going to blow your customers away – and put money in your pocket right out of the gates.

Price and Evaluation 

But with huge brands like this using this sort of technology, Local 360º Video can’t be affordable for you right? WRONG. ESPECIALLY when you get started right now during this exclusive launch period. With exorbitant prices only $197 for you !

VideoRemix Local 360 has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs

Front-End : VideoRemix Local 360 – $197

OTO 1 : Local 360 Video Template Vault

OTO 2 : Complete Outsourced Business Fast Track

This is the end of my VideoRemix Local 360 Review. I sincerely hope you will gain lots of benefits from it. Good luck!


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Vimakerz Video Templates Review – Make Great Videos With Vimakerz !

Vimakerz Video Templates Review 



If you’re sick and tired of creating your own Video Marketing, then you’re in for a treat. Starting today you can have your own Amazing video and start boosting your sales! No expensive buying software. No paying PRO designers. All the hard work has been done for you so you don’t have to. This will put you in an EVERGREEN video that is here to stay and so will your chances of crushing it!


  • Vendor : Aries Firmansyah
  • Product : Vimakerz Video Templates
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Jan-28
  • Front-End Price : $17-$24
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Video


So What’s It ?

Vimakerz is a huge collection of Powerpoint – Animated/Social Media/ Company Video templates, etc. It’s not a software, plugin or wordpress theme.

It’s called VIMAKERZ. It has to be the most COMPREHENSIVE Video Templates collection that was created by Pro Designers, specially for you. This is the Ultimate collection of video and presentation templates that have been designed in-house and tested that you can now use for your own.

Videos Template

Much and More …

What’s inside Vimakerz?

[>] 8 Powerpoint Presentation Templates
[>] 6 Dark Templates
[>] 9 Intro & Outro
[>] 12 Instagram
[>] 16 Covers & Flyers
[>] 10 MockUp Templates
[>] 4 Characters Set
[>] 5 Typography
[>] 10 Transitions
[>] 6 Clean Business Templates

Why Should You Use This Product?

Raise Your Sales & Conversions

Instantly you’ll notice a quick boost in conversions & sales with these copy and paste top-quality graphic templates

Save Money and Time for Project

Forget about spending huge cash on graphic designer and 100+ hours to create video. Using templates it’s smarter!

No Royalty monthly and annual Fees

For just a one-time, small investment you will receive lifetime access to this unique package. No recurring fees

Simple Edit Entire Templates

No need expensive software design. You can customize all these template in Powerpoint or Open Office!

How to Use It ?

Just Take a Simple Step, Very easy with 3 steps

Step 1 : OPEN

Select and open Template from our Huge Bundle Package

Step 2 : EDIT

Change & Replace every single asset, edit text and pictures

Step 3 : Export

Export your file video to High Quality Resolution



Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Easy to use
  • Friendly to newbie
  • So many Templates
  • Ready for Marketing Tools
  • Ready for Many Niche
  • No Extra Software Or Design Skill needed
  • Huge Video Promo And Powerpoint Template in a Bundle
  • 30 Days Refund

Cons : 

I have not found anythings

User Experience 

You need to use powerpoint to edit the templates. Simply open your powerpoint software, click and replace with your own content. Vimakerz Templates – work best with powerpoint 2013, if you’re using office 2007 or 2010 it still works, open but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.

Price and Evaluation 

The Price Has Been Rapidly Going Up The Past Week With Every Copy Sold. Once Earlybird Officially Closes This Weekend, They’ll Be a MASSIVE Price Jump to Normal Retail Price. Price is $17-$24

Vimakerz has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs

Front-End : Vimakerz – $16.7 – $24

OTO 1 : Reseller – $37

OTO 2 : Agency – $67

Thank you ! I hope that what I shared helped you


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