NativizeWP Review – Add A New Solution For WordPress !

NativizeWP Review 



You see the sidebars in your little wordpress and there seems to be no room for new banners and it’s pretty old, too. Actual wordpress websites on the internet system like this, they need more than sidebars and they should be changed to be less boring. With today’s new solution, I found it very helpful for me and everyone just like you are reading this review of mine. It is a plugin software called NativizeWP. Keep track of this review and see the lowest price can happen to you oKay!


  • Vendor : Rikzy Jezuli 
  • Product : NativizeWP
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-23
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Sales Page Preview : NativizeWP
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software


What’s NativizeWP ?

NativizeWP is a plugin software used for wordpress websites. NativizeWP helps your website have a large amount of sidebars this allows you to perform more functions on your website sidebars. With current marketing needs Sidebar is an integral part of an affilate website It helps increase the rate of customer data collection through the banner, thanks to that, sales will increase and you will have an outing and do the same thing.

Feature Details 

+ Show sidebars based on categories, posts, and pages

+ Create unlimited sidebars to target different segments of your audience.

+ Share custom sidebar configurations using the export feature.

+ No additional settings page

+ Trigger custom widget areas using filters.

+ Highly intuitive user inter phase.

How to use it ?

It only takes a few minutes and not more than 3 simple steps to set up

Step 1 : Create Your Sidebar In The Widgets Section

Go to the appearance and widgets section and create new sidebar and drag and drop the widgets you want to show in your sidebar

Step 2 : Add Content To Your Selected Widgets.

Choose the banners, optin forms or the other content you want to show in the widgets you selected.

Step 3 : Choose the Targeting Options and Click Save. That’s it! DONE

Select the where you want to show your sidebar across your website. You can filter by categories, post types or even choose a specific post or page.

Watch Video Demo Below

Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Easy to Use
  • Friendly newbie
  • High profit margin
  • Prestige with customers
  • 30 Days Refund

Cons :

  • A bit of wordpress dashboard skills

Who Should Use It ?

As I said, this software is very suitable for anyone who needs affilate by website or selling website. Even though I am very interested in this product, it seems to fall into the list of my site’s plugin software 😀

My Thoughts

WoW, after I use the beta of NativizeWP, really very pleased about this software. I have been able to add many banners or lines of words to attract customers or banner collecting email and customer data, banner ads, etc … Results tens of thousands of dollars, I feel very lucky Fortunately when using this software. What’s up guys! Ayy … I also know another function of this software is the ability to serve customers very well and professional, I tried the product refund and very fast money came back after I bought the product. This product as soon as 12h debut, I really loved it 😀

Price and Evaluation 

What are you waiting for ? Buy now for $ 27. Do not give up and buy foolishly, and spend 30 days to pay for this product! Remember that 30 days, overdue, I’m not responsible even Rikzy also lost 😐

NativizeWP has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs

Front-End : NativizeWP – $27

OTO1: NativizePro – $37

OTO2: Developer’s License For NWP and NPro – $47

OTO3: Epic Plugin Bundle – $67

OTO4: Reseller’s License – $97

Thanks for reading Goodluck !



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StoreDaddy Review – Create Multiple High-Ranking Affiliate Niche Sites With 100s of Products !

StoreDaddy Review 



There’s no better way to passive online profits than using affiliate marketing. What if you could get traffic, rankings, sales & build your list all on autopilot, all using the power of 1-click affiliate stores? But without ever having to create a single product or video yourself?

The newly released StoreDaddy cloud app allows you to create multiple high-ranking affiliate niche sites with 100s of curated products, videos and articles. With just 1 click you get a fully-fledged affiliate site that will:

[+] Get you SEO optimized rankings

[+] Build your list

[+] Drive viral organic traffic

[+] Make affiliate sales every day like clockwork

[+] All mobile responsive, fully automated

These have been proven to work incredibly well at dominating Google rankings and bringing in heaps of revenue and traffic.


  • Vendor : Luan et al
  • Product : StoreDaddy
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-17
  • Front-End Price : $17
  • Sales Page Preview :
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software


What is StoreDaddy ?

StoreDaddy is a powerful cloud based app that allows you to create multiple high-ranking affiliate niche sites with 100s of curated products, videos and articles. StoreDaddy is only available at its current price for a few days-after which it will go back to $497 – and even then people will buy it. But I want you to check this out and grab access now as there’s no point waiting for something that gets you powerful results – right?

Feature Details 

Include :

  • Get you SEO optimized rankings
  • Build your list
  • Drive viral organic traffic
  • Make affiliate sales every day like clockwork
  • All mobile responsive, fully automated
  • Much and More

Beautiful DesignThat Converts

StoreDaddy is marketer-friendly so it is easy for you to build the sites with just one click of your mouse in order to generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Advanced automation technology

StoreDaddy lets you add just your affiliate ID and keywords and then it will build and promote your site with hundreds of affiliate products that you create money on.

Mobile-Friendly, SEO Built-In Tool

As far as I know, StoreDaddy is designed from the ground up with the best SEO practices. Thus, this platform is 100% SEO-friendly which will assure to gain you high rankings in Google. Moreover, StoreDaddy is totally responsive and mobile-friendly.

Fully Cloud-Based Software

StoreDaddy lets you log in to just one web interface, control on total autopilot as well as update all your sites from one single dashboard. Therefore, it means that you can get more simplicity than just plain old boring WP plugins.

How to use it ?

The process is REALLY simple:

Step 1: Select a niche and keyword

Step 2: Auto-generate a complete SEO-enabled affiliate site

Step 3: Sit back and enjoy free traffic from our secret automated system!

Watch the full demo video of StoreDaddy and see how powerful it is

Who Should Use It ?

  • SEO marketers- as StoreDaddy allows to get #1 ranking and traffic.
  • Affiliate Marketers- it helps them gain more sales.
  • Video Marketers- it lets create authority video sites that are monetized.
  • List Builders- It lets them boost subscribers numbers.
  • Business Owners want to leverage their business and money

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Create Stunning Sites In 1 Click.
  • Resources Savings (save time, money and efforts).
  • Turning Your Site Into a #1 Ranking
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Cons : 

  • I have not found out any drawbacks

Personal Experience 

StoreDaddy will give you these sites which are SEO optimized and ranked to the top of Google. It is tested to bring you from 50 to 750 visitors a day, get more than 1000 per day hits from Google at no cost as well as generate thousands of dollars in commissions and sales. I consider StoreDaddy is a secret weapon tool for Internet Marketers these days since it helps them to sell affiliate offers, have more visitors to their sites.

Price and Evaluation 

If you are seeking for this kind of platform, I highly recommend you to give it a try. Now, StoreDaddy offers a special discount time which means that you can get the chance to buy StoreDaddy with $17 only with one-time payment. I believe it is a reasonable price. Do not forget that StoreDaddy offers 30-Day Money Back Policy so there is no risk of wasting money for you.

StoreDaddy has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs

Front-End : StoreDaddy – $17

OTO 1: StoreDaddy PRO – Ton of extra features that improves the front end – totally congruent, high converting. – $37
OTO 2: StoreDaddy Enterprise – Viral Traffic Generation – $47
OTO 3: StoreDaddy Resellers – $57

Thank you for reading my review patiently. Feel free to contact me anytime if you got any question or concerns. See you later!


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Spinty Review – The Software Has a High Conversion Rate and Users Will Love It !

Spinty Review 



Hey Guys,

An amazing new WordPress plugin has just gone live that is going to allow you to take advantage of a huge new trend game !People love playing games. And when they can win a prize they love it even more! Spinty lets you put “wheel of fortune” style games on your website. When a visitor inserts their email they can spin the wheel.

You can choose whether you give them coupon code, a free product or anything else you can dream up! For the first 3 hours of launch you can use the code “SPINTY20” and get 20% off!


  • Vendor : Simon Greenhalgh
  • Product : Spinty
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-16
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Sales Page Preview :
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software


What is Spinty ?

Spinty is a band new WordPress plugin that allows users to instantly add gamification to their websites. Gamification is huge. Give someone the opportunity to play a game and win something for free and they will lap it up! There are thousands of Google users searching right now for this plugin! Smart marketers know this works and they want this technology. This is the first time it has been offered to the market! Spinty allows you to install “Wheel Of Fortune” style spinning wheels on your websites. The visitor has to input their email for a chance to win whatever you choose. Coupons, free products, or anything else you can dream up.

Feature Details 

Gamifying Your Websites

Spinty enhances the attractiveness and appealability of your websites with “wheel of fortune” flash games. Studies have shown that people are fond of this kind of games because they can entertain themselves while getting some gifts in return. As a result, you can decide the awards at will, but you can easily ask your visitors to give you their emails.

WordPress Plug-in

Spinty is an application that can be easily installed on your WordPress page; you don’t need to set it up on any devices. After that, you can use it to add gamification to your websites.

Full Customization

This application allows you to optimize your spinning wheels easily. For example, you can change the numbers of awards, the styles, and colors of the wheels, or the way they appear in front of your visitors.

Applicable to Any Niches

Gamification is one of the best methods to get the visitors to notice your contents, as well as to make them come back to your sites. Many promotional campaigns have proven the effectiveness of gamification to marketing. Spinty is one of the applicable tools for this purpose, and it has been tested several times with desirable results.

Several Options to Expand the Capabilities of the Software

With the front-end version of Spinty, you can gamify any websites of yours. However, the application is much more powerful than that. If you are satisfied with the front-end version, you can pay some additional dollars to get extra additional styles for your games, training documents, or the ability to utilize the software for your clients’ webpages.


You don’t need to have any skills or experience to use the software. You just need to install the plug-in on your WordPress pages and create a new game for your site.

Spinty Review – How does it work ?

Very Simple to use, with 4 steps

  • Install the application on your WordPress page.
  • Choose your awards. You can use anything you have such as coupons, free software, trials of some products, documents, etc.
  • Customize your spinning wheels to match your taste
  • Add the wheels to your websites and enjoy the benefits.

What can it do for you ?

[=] If you are in the eCommerce business you could give away coupons or free products.

[=] If you sell software you could give away free trials or free upgraded versions.

[=] If you are an affiliate you could give away bigger and better bonuses depending on what the user wins on the wheel.

[=] If you launch info products you could give customers additional training or free videos simply for spinning.

[=] Even if you are a local marketer, Spinty could help you give away free appointments or treatments !

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Increase website sales no matter what your niche
  • Visitors spin the wheel and win whatever you choose
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Generate huge email lists without begging
  • Put a little fun into your website and your visitors will keep coming back over and over
  • Integrates with the 3 big autoresponders
  • 30 days refund

Cons : 

  • I have not found out any drawbacks

User Experience 

You set how likely it is that they will win each prize. There are a number of themes available so you can choose the style. You can choose how the wheel appears, whether its after an amount of time or the the user attempts to leave the page. We have tested this and we got $55,000 in sales and 9,100+ email subscribers which then went on to generate countless revenue. This works. Your customers will love it. And every user that takes a spin will love it too, especially when they win!

Price and Evaluation 

After you have purchased Spinty, if you have any issues at all installing the software please get in touch with our support team who will be happy to guide you through the installation process. Install Spinty and give it a try for just 7 days. If after that time you do not feel it is increasing your subscribers and/or sales simply send our support team an email and we will refund your purchase in full with no questions asked. Let remember : Get 20% Off For 48 Hours: Use The Code SPINTY20

Spinty has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs

Front-End : Spinty – $27

OTO 1 : Spinty Pro – $47

OTO 2 : Spinty Themes – $27

OTO 3 : Spinty Agency – $67

Thanks for Reading ! Hey man goodluck !


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Covert Geo Targeter Review – Powerful WordPress Plugin That You Should Need For Your Website !

Covert Geo Targeter Review 



I just found this cool new WordPress plugin that lets you geo target your blog and insert your visitor’s geo location anywhere on it.

Geo targeting your blogs and using your visitor’s actual location in your titles, posts, ads and more can be a huge conversion booster for you. It makes you stand our from the crowd and it’s guaranteed to get people’s attention, make them read your post and click your ads. Until today this has been both very hard and very expensive to do.

The new Covert Geo Targeter plugin allows you to insert your visitors City, State & Country ANYWHERE on your blog, including:

* Post and page titles
* Widgets and widget titles
* In other plugins
* Custom menus
* And of course in posts and page

It’s super simple to use, but extremely powerful!


  • Vendor : IM Wealth Builders
  • Product : Covert Geo Targeter 
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-15
  • Front-End Price : $27
  • Sales Page Preview :
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software 


What is Covert Geo Targeter ?

First of all it’s a WordPress Plugin – and you know that’s red hot right now! Covert Geo Targeter lets you insert your visitor’s location (country, city, state/area and country code) ANYWHERE on a blog – sidebar, post, post title menu, other plugins… you name it, we coded it!

Geo Targeting can be a huge conversion booster… And we have coded this in a super user friendly way – people are going to love it, and they will see instant results when they start using it on their blogs.

On top of that they are going to be completely blow away by the plugin offered as the upsell – Geo Targeting on this scale has never been seen before!

Covert Action Bar and Covert Messenger generated a lot of buzz and rave reviews … Covert Geo Targeter is going to completely sweep them of ther feets! But sign up for the JV list and we’ll keep you updated as we get the sales copy, affiliates tools, review copies, videos etc. ready.

Feature Details 

Take a look at the screen shot below and see how I have used the shortcodes in the:

+ Post Title
+ In Theme’s Custom Menu
+ In A Sidebar Widget (Including The Widget Title)
+ In My Post (Notice The Sexy Anchor Text In My Link)


The Covert Geo Targeter short codes will even work inside other plugins (provided that they support shortcodes). Naturally our Covert Action Bar and Covert Messenger plugins do, so you can now geo target those as you see below!



Basically you can insert these geo location short codes in any area of your blog that supports short codes, including but not limited to:

+ Post and Page titles
+ Custom Menus
+ Widgets & Widget Titles
+ Post and Page text
+ Other Plugins
+ Directly into the code of your theme

And in just a couple of minutes you can have the Covert Geo Targeter up and running on your blog.

Do you think using geo location like in the screenshots above will improve your results? You bet it will – in fact our test have proven that the…

How does it work ?

Covert Geo Targeter is simple to use and install and this software works on any computer. After you have installed and activated the plugin (in no more than 1 minute), you will see a plugin admin panel, and then all you need to do is generate an API key as shown in the tutorial video.

Then you can use the 4 shortcodes you see above anywhere on your blog and the plugin will display your visitor’s actual geolocation on total autopilot.

Who Should use Covert Geo Targeter ? 

As far as I know, Covert Geo Targeter is created for all Bloggers, Freelancers, Beginners or anyone who want to boost conversions and get results.

Pros and Cons 

Pros :

  • Proven to get results
  • Set and forget technology.
  • Resources Savings.
  • 30 Days Refund

Cons : 

  • I have not found out any drawbacks

User Experience 

And the problem is that geo targeting is bloody hard to do – and it’s a very computer intensive process. Yep there are a few good solutions out there, but they a VERY expensive and only really meant for the big corporations. We scoured the net and also past WSOs to see if anyone had come up with a solution and found nothing… There was a WSO earlier this year that would let you use geo targeting – but only in a pop up – and very crudely done. We wanted to create something that was super simple to use and very affordable with zero ongoing cost. Yet still flexible enough to allow you to insert geo location tags ANYWHERE on your blog. Convert Geo Targeter is a perfect choice for you.

Price and Evaluation 

We’ll be totally straight with you here… If you plan on purchasing then asking for a refund, please don’t order a license. This is a very limited offer, so if you are not 100% committed then leave the license for other people who are and who will put it to good use. We only want to work closely with serious marketers and genuine folks that are ready to take their business to the next level. Its Price is $27

Covert Geo Targeter has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs

Front-End : Covert Geo Targeter – $27

OTO 1 : Covert Geo Targeter – $47

OTO 2 : WP Toolkit Lifetime License – $97

I hope that I gave useful information. Thanks for reading it patiently. See you in my next review! GoodLuck !


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WP Optimiser Review – The 6 Biggest WordPress Speed Issues Fixed !

WP Optimiser Review 

product1 (1)


Hi Folks…

It’s common knowledge that WordPress sites by their nature are slow. But, what’s less well known is that current optimisation plugins do HALF A JOB. It’s essential to optimise sites for speed to achieve higher rankings, better conversions, better user experience, lower bounce rates & for lowering your ad spend. In WordPress every page requested has to be compiled by your server and it also has to load all the extra code from your themes, plugins, database and of course your images… that takes loads of time time…

To make matters worse your WordPress database naturally bloats over time & most of us don’t optimize our images… making our pages up to 10x slower So… 99% of sites of sites are weighed down by heavy graphics, slow databases, themes, plugins & even hosting issues. At 3+ seconds load speed you lose 50%+ of traffic & at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic according to Kissmetrics… that’s a serious problem.

Current WordPress optimisation products on the market either use cache, optimise your database or mess around with your Java & CSS often breaking your site in the process 95% of products don’t optimise your site graphics (one of the most important jobs) & the ones that do charge $100’s. WP Optimiser is a combination of quick fixes & diagnostics that help you fix your site speed issues – more importantly it covers the 6 biggest site speed issues – at best the competitors cover just 2 factors & charge more.


  • Vendor : Chris Hitman et al 
  • Product : WP Optimiser
  • Launch Time : 10:00 EST 
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-10
  • Front-End Price : $37-$47
  • Sale Page Preview :
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : WP Theme & Plugin


What is WP Optimiser ?

WP Optimiser is a unique plugin that optimises your WordPress site peak performance. We don’t produce useless garbage that will be forgotten the minute the launch is over – we make real evergreen tools that solve real industry problems. Here’s why we built this product…

It’s essential to optimise sites for higher rankings, better conversions, better user experience, lower bounce rates & lowering your ad spend. At 3+ seconds load speed you are losing 50%+ of traffic at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic according to Kissmetrics – visitors are becoming less patient… that’s a serious problem especially for WordPress users where by the nature of the beast pages are notoriously slow.

Right now the only WordPress optimisation products on the market either cache, optimise your database, lazy load your page or mess around with with your Java & CSS often breaking your site in the process

To Make matters worse 95% of products don’t optimise your site graphics (one of the most important jobs) & the ones that do charge $100’s per year. So our competitors do half a job & still charge a fortune for the privilege while WordPress users still have no effective solution for optimising websites.

Feature Details 

It Covers The 6 Biggest Speed Factors. With 1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes

Web Connectivity Tests

Our plugin does real time connection quality tests to USA, Asia, Middle East & Europe & notifies you of any problems it also checks your site’s uptime to see how long your server has been up. This helps you detect poorly maintained server hardware & bad server locations & poor peering arrangements at data centers.

Live Hosting Tests

Your site operates best in a good environment. To test this environment WP Optimiser runs a series of checks on you RAM memory, PHP Memory, PHP settings. host settings & drive capacity. Where problems are found you’ll get recommendations about setting changes you can ask your host to implement

Live Theme/Plugin Tests

WP Optimiser runs load speed tests on your theme & compares this against the WordPress default theme. You’ll find that some themes you run will be slower by nature – thats OK. If the difference in speed is extreme you may consider using an alternative theme to improve your site performance

Auto GFX Optimising

Our Graphics Optimiser works using Tinypng – one of the most respected graphics crunching services. It allows you to batch optimise all your existing graphics in one go & it auto optimises any new graphics you upload to your media library. The API allows you to crunch up to 500 images per month free…you can upgrade & pay for more or apply for more APIs as you need.

Database Scrubbing

Our advanced database scrubber wipes post/page revisions, clears orphaned & meta data & clears your site’s trash making your database thinner. The advantage of running a thinner database is faster access times & less processor load. This has a secondary benefit of keeping your hosting cost low when your site traffic increases – a win-win for webmasters

Lazy Load Images

This is not a new concept, it allows you to load your page images on demand instead of loading all the images for every visitor whether they scroll down your page or not.- this is especially useful for long landing pages or sales pages. The benefit of this is faster loading pages and better site performance when the site is under load.

Pros and Cons 

Pros :

  • Identify Site & Server Issues
  • Identify Themes & Plugin Issues
  • Batch & Auto Optimise Graphics
  • Remove Your Database Junk
  • Lazy Load Images on Demand
  • Global Connectivity Testing
  • Daily Site Performance Monitor
  • Full Training Videos & Tooltips
  • 30 Days refund

Cons : 

  • I have not found anythings

Personal Experience 

Virtually none of us optimize our graphics for the web – optimising graphics one by one is a time killer. Even our team of highly experienced developers made the assumption that just because we cut our graphics to the right size & use professional tools like Photoshop to export the image… our work is done .. um wrong When we run our graphics through services like Tinypng & Optimzilla to our surprise we found that the average reduction was 50%+.

Price and Evaluation 

Its Price is $37-$47. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Just try the product & give us feedback Verified Secure Checkout. Pay by any major Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.

WP Optimiser has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs

Front-End : WP Optimiser $37-$47

OTO 1 : Viper Cache – $37

OTO 2 : WP Easy Pages – $39

OTO 3 : WP Conversion Boost – $27

Thanks for Reading ! Goodluck !


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