Chat Lead Matrix Review – The Tool Help You To Create Robots Automatically !

Chat Lead Matrix Review 

chat lead matrix


Have you ever heard through social media, especially facebook, that you’ve heard the term chatbot? Chatbot is a pretty effective marketing tool for Messenger, as people are bored with sending emails by automatic email or by limited budget, the chatbot tool is a useful method.

Back to the main issue, the tool that today I would like to introduce to you, is called Chat Lead Matrix. This tool helps you to create automatically scheduled instant messaging, making you marketing very effective. . It’s similar to Messenger Chatbot, but the other is that Chat Lead Matrix has to buy $ and Chatbot is free tools, of course the money spent to buy will certainly be more than free.

Inside the Chat Lead Matrix is ​​not just an automated message but also a compelling new feature store. Does not it? Follow me!


Vendor :  Mark Dulisse
Product : Chat Lead Matrix 
Launch Time :  11:00 EDT
Launch Date : 2018-Mar-20
Front-End Price :  $37
Sales Page Preview :
Refund :  30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche :  General

What is Chat Lead Matrix ?

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Chat Lead Matrix is a software created for marketing on Facebook Messenger. It is programmed based on Artificial Intelligence. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the use of Chatbot in Marketing:

“Most of us interact with dozens of businesses each day. But I’ve never met anyone who likes calling a business, and no one wants to have to install a new app for every service or business they want to interact with.”

“So we think there’s got to be a better way to do this. We think you should just be able to message a business, the same way you message a friend. You should get quick response. And it shouldn’t take your full attention, like a phone call would. And you shouldn’t have to install a new app.”

“So today we are launching messenger platform…powered by Artificial Intelligence, with natural language services to communicate directly with people.”

Feature of Chat Lead Matrix 

[+] ChatLeadMatrix includes a FB Messenger Bot software with all the bells and whistles

[+] A Multi-Page FB messenger bot – create bots for all your fb pages.

[+] The ChatLeadMatrix bot can reply with text, post back buttons, quick replies, images, videos, templates, and carousel templates

[+] Setting up your messenger bot with ChatLeadsMatrix will reply to all your customers in messenger very fast.

[+] ChatLeadMatrix will also grab email addresses inside your messenger bot and add to your Autoresponder Email list on autopilot.

[+] Create a Persistent Menu, thus creating a feel of visiting your website right inside FB messenger.

[+] Adds a Bot ‘Get Started’ button with Welcome Message and Replies

[+] Import all your FB Page accounts and set up a bot for each one. This is tremendous value. No need to purchase for each FB page. This is Multi-Page. 🙂

[+] Add a 2 Way Customer Chat Extension to your website with java script code and/or WP Plugin

[+] Add a different Autoresponder Email list to each FB page bot. Package includes up to 2500 list. Can upgrade.

Build Your Intuitive Bot Sequence

[+] Add a Get Started response to kick off the sequence

[+] Intuitively reply to visitors based upon their keywords

[+] Add Call to Action Buttons with Postbacks and Website URLs destination

[+] Create a Carousal and Generic Templates with Call to Action Buttons

[+] Add Quick Replies with Call to Action buttons

[+] Respond intuitively and reply with Text, Images, Videos, Files, and more….

[+] Complete Documentation and video tutorials

Add a Bot to all of your FB Pages


[+] With 1 Click, simply Enable/Disable Bot for each page of your FB Account

[+] Automatically Syncs with your FB Account, meaning any time you create another FB Page, your Chat Lead Matrix is Synched.

[+] Quickly and easily create a Bot for each of your pages, and edit at any time.

[+] Create a variety of different bots, one for each of your Facebook pages.

[+] 1 Click to Add a Get Started or Persistent Menu

Create a Persistent Menu (Navigation)


[+] It’s the same important usefulness as a navigation menu of a website.

[+] The Persistent Menu is the only way for your visitors to navigate through your chatbot and see what else it can do.

[+] Put important Menu items such as: Billing, My Account, Phone Number, Buy Now, and More…

[+] Add a hierarchical level with 5 Call to Actions

Here are the main features of our Bulk Messenger Sender that you get

[+]  Unlimited Broadcasts (Bulk Messenger Inboxer):

ChatLeadMatrix™ allows you to send Bulk Broadcasts to your Bot Leads. Meaning, yous you can send to all of your subscribers at once – just like you would do with email. You can also customize a broadcast to a select few if you wish. Unlike email broadcasts, Messenger broadcasts get 2-10x higher open rates, which is an incredibly high CTR.

[+]  Unlimited Multi-Page Broadcasts:

Your leads are grouped by each Facebook Page’s bot. You can send a broadcast message to a particular group of leads from one Facebook Page, or you can send to Multiple Pages, or All of your Facebook Pages. It’s highly flexible. This is great if you are running a promotion and have 2-3 FB Pages in a particular niche and you can broadcast to them all at once.

[+]  Unlimited Broadcasts Sequences:

Sequences are a series of messages which ChatLeadMatrix will send automatically over time, much like a email autoresponder. You can set the message date/time of the delay from several minutes, to several weeks. Schedule your sequence of broadcasts ahead of time and drip feed your leads to nurture them towards your business. Provide materials in a sequence of steps, much like a product launch sequence of emails.

[+] Auto Synching of Leads

When a visitor clicks on your Messager and starts a conversation with your bot, this visitor is added to your Facebook messenger list. ChatLeadMatrix™ auto synch’s these leads daily to keep your list fresh, so you can send out your Broadcast messages to all.

How to use it ?

Very simple, most of the settings are the same with Chatbot Messenger, there are some new features are very easy to understand, you just do as the only guide.

Who Should Use It ?

Needed for a person with many years of experience with Marketing, need more ways to make more rapid marketing income from many sources, especially Facebook Messenger, currently on CH-Play has more than 1 billion Facebook downloads and Messenger is the two largest social network in the world. In theory, this is a very potential market in the long run.

As for Newbie, it is not necessary to have experience to use, Newbie can still use this software to marketing their affiliate product.

User Experience 

Chat Lead Matrix is so perfect, new marketing tactics combined with creative thinking is what gives me a great monthly income ($ 10,000 or more).

Today’s marketing on Facebook Messenger is very effective, if you do not have the skills to make a website for affiliate sales, bot chat is still effective marketing without ttoonsnhieeuf money, help you have enough income to pay monthly rent. Home or baby milk and the necessary stuff for your family.

After a period of use I found that it is very potential in a few years. Take advantage of this opportunity before your opponent appears, which is a hindrance to your success (remember).

Price and Evaluation 

Oh, amazingly, this product is only $ 37, which is a reasonable price for the majority of users. Also, buy fast to not be price increases, very fast, no time waiting, I do not have enough time to wait. If you have read this you probably already understand. I always bring you the best satisfaction ! Thank you so much !

This Production has 1 main offer and 4 Upsells

Main Offer – Chat Lead Matrix – $37

Bot 6 Growth Tools Unlimited Use – $77

Email Autoresponder Integration/Support – $47-$97

Agency License Unlimited account – $197/year

Website Landing Page CTA Integrations – $97


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