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Engagr Review



Engagr Review – Introduction

You will feel great when there is someone Assistant help you do tasks such as notes, collect customer information schedule work, bla bla…. With so many jobs, certainly no one spare but go to work for you odd jobs. This technology today very development odd jobs no one does, there are machines or software own support for you. You not worry, You will not have to sit in the dark all day just to go check customer information and bla bla … Let yourself be relaxed, you just do the main job and those chores let our software do the work for you.

Our goal is help for the maketer feel the job is more enjoyable and not boring with just around 4 walls. You just list out and the software will automatically do. You will have more free time
In your spare time you can go to work other jobs, for example : dating, gaming, do exercise, bla bla… Of course, you still have to do certain tasks only you can do it.

That is the motivation Karthik Ramani was born Engagr. In general, this is software help maketer gather information, customer Data, schedule with partner, suggest the necessary questions to talk to customers for a reasonable, create a reputable brand for your own. And Now, we review it

Engagr Review – Overview

  • Vendor : Karthik Ramani
  • Product : Engagr
  • Launch time : 11:00 EST 
  • Launch date : 2017-Dec-13
  • Front-End Price : $27-$37
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche : Software 


So What is Engagr ?

Engagr helps you create a page that can completely interact with your online visitors and give each one of your visitors personal attention – just like the one they get when they enter a high-end store. Engagr lets you interact one-on-one with your visitors and get to understand their needs better, so that you can assist them better.

Most businesses struggle to create a meaningful engagement with their audience and Engagr has set out to change this. But Engagr is not just a tool to interact with your visitors. It doubles up as a very effective Lead Generation Tool too. With Engagr, you can capture contact information like name, email, and phone number before, anytime during or after the interaction.

Why do we need it?

  • Engage and interact with your customers

Get the relevant information by asking the right questions and getting appropriate responses. And in doing so, don’t just rely on using words. Use Images, videos and gifs to respond to your visitors queries. Show them options or take them direct to your sales video. Don’t know where and how to get started? – No worries! Engagr comes with built-in templates that you can customize with just a few clicks and make them your very own.

  • In-app lead capture

In a conversation people willingly provide information about themselves knowing that you’ll be able to help and guide them better. Engagr allows you to collect this information and even segment it right inside your preferred autoresponder for future updates and follow-ups.

Feature Details 

Engage and interact with your customers :

With Engager you can get started by creating a campaign in 5 seconds flat. The templates are provided to give you a head-start. Just edit a few details and you are on your way. The video trainings are so thorough that even your 5 year old can create campaigns at the end of it. We did say Engager works instantly, right?

Change the design of your campaign so that it’s in sync with your brand and product. Choose the background and text colours that truly compliment your brand. Just a few clicks and you have the perfect looking campaign ready and good-to-go. Next… just click ‘Configure’.

Publish your campaign and start profiting instantly (with or without running FB ads). Your dashboard provides you with all the vital information about your visitors like their contact info. , their preferences …all laid out in front of you nicely.

How Does It Work?

I have prepared demo video for you to watch. I think it is not difficult and anyone can do it !

Who should use Engagr ?

As I know, This software will support the marketer, businesser, bloggers, …
And anyone can do it because it is not difficult.

Pros and Cons

 Pros :

  • Creating a campaign in 5 seconds flat
  • Simple and easy to use
  • That even your 5 year old can create campaigns at the end of it.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Cons :

I haven’t found out any drawbacks of ShopMozo yet.

User experience

With Engagr, you dont have to worry, this is very good software online business support is extremely convenient and convenient. With just a few mouse clicks everything starts automatically It saves you a lot of time.

Evaluation & Price

If you are looking for software as your virtual assistant, It was today that you found it. its price is about from $27 to $37. it is currently discounted, I think now the price is so reasonable, after that it will increase. Furthermore, you can ask for a refund during first 30 days, so great ! you should buy now ! You can purchase it online right now by using Paypal , Visa, or Master Card after reading my Engagr Review.

Engagr has 1 front-end and 3 OTOs :


Well, It’s the end of my Engagr Review. I hope that I gave useful information. Feel free to contact me anytime if you got any question or concerns. See you in the next review !


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