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FastEye Review 

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FastEye Pages Review – Introduction 

Of course you are reading my review, you are probably learning about making money online and among them is the website design to get good sales website. In fact, few people are going to find out about the problem of website design that they will be willing to spend the money to hire their own designer. The problem here is the solution for website design so good and cheap price but you can still do it yourself without having to hire designer.

Today I would like to introduce you to a software called FastEye Pages. It has the powerful features that you will need when you want to practice website design. Especially with low-priced perfectly fit low income people, of course would be less capital newbie. Keep track of more information below.


Vendor :  Daniel Adetunji
Product :  FastEye Pages 
Launch Time : 2018-Apr-20
Launch Date :  11:00 EDT
Front-End Price :  $47
Sales Page Preview :
Refund :  30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche :  General


What is FastEye Pages ?

FastEye Pages is a software solution for anyone who wants to create a website. With FastEye Pages you can create your own beautiful website. No Hosting Required. No Coding, Designing or Copywriting Skills Required. So you can create your own website without spending a lot of money to hire designer. FastEye Pages has some unique features that will make you think more about it.

FastEye Pages also includes features such as APIs, tools that allow Google Maps API maps. Embedded YouTube, Vimeo, Email Marketing. Logo icons, shortcut menu suitable for mobile users. Multiple mode support, module support, Iframes and Html styles.

FastEye Pages – Feature Details 

With so many new features, we’ll take a look at some of the key features of this product

1/ Component Based:


All components of the FastEye Pages software are made up of memory modules, combined with your own repair design to help you better understand the website you are designing. Based on the main components of the tool that make up the website is the highlight of FastEye Pages.


2/ Easy Drag and Drop​:


With FastEye Pages’ easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, you can add and drop anything to your website easily and without much skill can still do. If you are in need, this is an indispensable function.

3/ Tons of Stock Images​:


If you’re a high-resolution photo enthusiast, you do not have to spend time on Google, spending time with unrelated photos. FastEye Pages has enough for you with over 1 million high resolution images you can naturally choose.

4/ Responsive DNA​​:

FastEye Pages has optimized your website for mobile devices, tablets. Now you do not need to know a lot of code to be able to design your website to suit mobile devices. 


5/ Icons Pack


Over 1000 icons, filter the best icons. We will have the entire set of icons to fit your website design work.


6/ Site Analytics


Traffic source statistics, page views, keyword analysis of competitors. All of Google’s best features are integrated into FastEye Pages.

7/ Create Unlimited Landing Pages


With most campaigns for any product, you will definitely need landing pages. Of course, doing multiple products at once will require multiple landing pages. If you hire someone to create a landing page for you, that would be a great amount of money, but FastEye Pages are all very good, because FastEye Pages can help you create a lot of landing pages. With FastEye Pages is a new breakthrough in website creation software you should have it

8/ 20 DFY FastEye Landing Page Templates


Unlike FastEye Pages, if you are hiring someone, it also takes a lot of money and costs 20 DFY. With FastEye Pages all is just that simple.

And Much And More…

How to use it ?

Watch Video demo Below 

Who Should Use It ?

As I said, this product is suitable for you with little capital, but want to make your own website and explore to better understand within the site, this is the right software for you. Today with the Internet 4.0, the trend of website development to make more money, if you have knowledge of the website, you will certainly not worry about hunger. In addition, FastEye Pages also supports the marketer, which is good for those who are doing business 4.0.

Pros and Cons 

Pros : 

  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • Many high quality photos are available
  • Save money and time
  • No need for previous skills
  • 30 Days refund 

Cons :

  • I have not out any drawback of FastEye Pages Yet

My Thoughts 

In my opinion, FastEye Pages are really good for newbies and do not know much about website, can get FastEye Pages as practice, also do not take much money. You use FastEye Pages expertise, you can confidently do all the work related to the website (not necessarily, because this is not related to code). But in all aspects, you can still get your website super nice and standard as other beautiful websites. You also have the icon store to add to your website, what is needed for most websites is almost FastEye Pages, it also has unlimited landing page and template available landing page.

In short, I can assure you that this software is suitable for beginners, or those who have little capital but want to have a professional website, FastEye Pages software is indispensable.

Price and Evaluation 

With a total value of just $ 37. If you rent outside of that number it could be 10 times. But with FastEye Pages you just drag and drop everything that would be best possible. Attached to FastEye Pages are 3 upsells, including:

Front-End : FastEye Pages – $37

Upsell 1 : FastEye Pro Upgrade – $47

Upsell 2 : FastEye Agency – $47/$67

Upsell 3 : FastEye Messenger – $47


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