Lost Love

I did not keep more happiness for you.
Sometimes angry, Your tears fallen so much.
I’m sorry, Please forgive me this time.
Do not fall away from me, You say I love you so much.

But now life, not like I’m dreaming Of a love will be happy like a lot of people
Someone love you, love you passionate. A person with you, with you every time.
And now, his tears have fallen 🙁

Really I do not, do not want to break up like that. Lover, You… I remember where you are.
Little hand, That face, why changed to me here…
Outside rain fall a lot of, Only me….
Really many when, I want to send messages to you much.
I’m afraid of that person being happy have fun with someone…
Love is gone, two strangers After that We are lucky to meet again. so I still love you love you like a new love !

Thanks for reading !

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