10K VidCode Review – The Help of Make Money By Video !

10K VidCode Review 

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I’m super excited to let you know about this training that goes live on February 4 @ 11am EST. This training is called 10k Vid Code. It’s about how a small town IM rookie and dad of two generated $10k+ in 3 days with the help of a simple 6 min story video. Inside, you’ll get access to training covering how a small town IM rookie and dad of two generated $10k plus (and stole Deal of the Day award from gurus) … with the help of a 6 minute homemade story video and how you can do the same.


  • Vendor : NextLevelPreneur 
  • Product : 10K VidCode
  • Launch Time : 11:00 EST
  • Launch Date : 2018-Feb-04
  • Front-End Price : $12
  • Sale Page Preview : Click Here
  • Refund : 30 days money back guarantee
  • Niche : Video 


What is 10K VidCode ?

It was late 2016. I was your typical sniveling IM newbie, from a third world country, barely known by anybody. I was debating with my two friends whether we should push through with our launch, because despite “posting on the community launch calendar a month earlier,” two gurus suddenly decided to launch on the same day we do ours, just a week from now.

So, there we were, given a challenge. Whether to slug it out with the Giants… Or just back down (…which we almost did, because even big name marketers are telling us to just change date) … until I discovered this of one “secret”…

“10K Vid Code” showcases how a small town IM rookie, dad of two, generated $10,299.92 in three days (and stole Deal of the Day award from gurus)… with the help of a 6-min homemade story video.

Inside you get

(+) 26 core training videos

(+) mp3 versions of the training

(+) actionable exercises with
printable PDF worksheets

(+) mind map

At least 26 core training video, mp3 versions of the training, actionable exercises with printable PDF worksheets, mind map

How does it work ?

Easier, waaaay cooler method of selling more stuff.

A regular person would have an easier time telling a story, rather than “hard selling” – thus, making this course a great way for people to sell… without being some ninja copywriter or salesman. In a crowded marketplace, a powerful brand story could be the factor to survival, domination, or a simply “standing out..”

As a sales tool, story selling is as stealthy as freaking C.I.A or K.G.B. You don’t get off as a weird obnoxious “used car salesman”. Instead, you become magnetic when you use stories in your presentations or sales material. Ask a seasoned marketer, public speaker, or an organization leader and they’ll tell you that telling stories are part of their arsenal. So, to make things easier for your customer, I even give my technique on how

Who is this for ?

Business owners, video creators, copywriters, email marketers, online and offline marketers, salespeople, public speaker, educator, info-marketers, branding and public relation people, organization leaders — basically anybody who wants to sell more products, services, “ideas, cause, or message”.

Pros and Cons 

Pros :

  • Quickly, fast
  • Friendly newbie
  • Quick profits in just 6 minutes
  • 30 Days refund

Cons :

  • No significant weaknesses

My thoughts 

Never be left out of words and impact again… even on your first try.

Never feel a cheap, sleazy businessman again. Instead, tell a good “value giving” story and watch sales pour in. No need to worry about wasting money on half-baked, outdated courses… because this is “high quality” information… fully usable even by newbies. Just take action, and results follow.

Price and Evaluation 

None. Just a one-time investment is required to get started. It all starts at just $12-17. This is structured as a dime sale, so the price is increasing… After 7 days, the price will be $97 (which is still a GREAT deal… but you save a lot today)

10k VidCode has 1 front-end and 2 Upsells

Front-End : 10k VidCode – $12

Upsell 1 : “10k Vid Code” Case Study Walkthrough + Templates + “Closing” Masterclass – $27, $37

Upsell 2 : “Moolah Magnet Monthly” – $17, $27 / month

Thanks for reading ! 😀


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